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姎姎 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 2 0 年前




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    2 0 年前

    Josh: Hey!Tomorrow is Mother's day!

    Leo: Yah!What kind of present would you give your mother?

    Josh: I don't konw. She always says don't use money randomly, and that we even don't have enough money to live.

    Leo: So, you won't give her any suprise?

    Josh: No. In fact, I'm thinking about what kind of present won't cost much money.

    Leo: Let me tell you somthing. All the touched things that you do will please her!

    Josh: Really?How come?

    Leo: There's no mother but loves her child! Eventhough a picture that you draw for her, to others may be worthless. In her eyes, it' just like a priceless thing, which is only for her!

    Josh: Then what should I do for her?

    Leo: To be a considerable son, that's the best gift for your mother in the world!

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    參考資料: me
  • wen
    Lv 6
    2 0 年前

    a: do you have any special plan on mother's day ?

    b: of course i do.

    a: could you tell me ?

    b: sure! all my family members will go out have dinner at a resturant.

    a: at a restaurant ?

    b: yes! we going to celebrate the mother's day there.

    a: oh~great!! have you order a cake ?

    b: definately sure!! that's our desser after finish our dinner.

    a: why do you want to celebrate outside?

    b: because i think that my mother has been cooked everyday, i want her be relax that day.

    a: hum~sounds great!!

    參考資料: my brain!!