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    The goddess in the sea- Mazu, and the god of the pestilence- the chieftain, it is the most general gods in Taiwan that worship, this, and early the Hans it immigrates to be because difficult water and soil uncomfortable dying in an accident or political incident relevant more to cross sea.

    Already have more than 190 length of service Tainan salt solution town the Lantern Festival bee big gun of the history so far, though does not bomb the land commonly , it is a folk custom activity with the same significance.

    Dragon Boat Festival enter the important activity before the heat too, grasses are all for the air which avoided communicable subtropical diseases to drink the grand yellow rice or millet wine , insert calamuses , end.

    Make Zongzi on the Dragon Boat Festival and the more national folk custom that the dragon-boat racing was hundred of southeast of China; Fatherless mood by crossing water of the light generally that turn on the water