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問1:When is your birthday? How do you usually celebrate it?


問2:What is the last movie you saw recently? Tell me about it.


問3:Tell me about your best friend. What made you two “good” friends


問4:Where do you live now? How do you like it?


問5:What holiday do you like the best? Why?


問6:What is the television show you like the best? Tell me about it.


問7:What activity do you usually do for fun? Tell me about it.


問8:How many members are there in your family? Tell me about them.


問9:Who is the most unforgettable person in your life? Tell me about him/her


問10:Do you like traveling? Tell me about your favorite country or city.



問11:What kind of music do you like the best? Tell me about it.


問12:Do you go to restaurants? How often do you eat out?


問13:Do you enjoy fast food? Why or why not?


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  • 沙拉
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    2 0 年前

    1.My birthday is on October 2, usually my good friend can buy the cake

    to help me to celebrate lives, passes a very happy night.

    2.I recently watched the preposterous 10 this movies, this movie not

    only is not fearful, very is instead funny!

    3.My good friend's name is called Claire, our family lives very near,

    moreover has the same interest, therefore only then becomes the


    4.I live in the Yangming now, I like there, because has the fresh air

    and the beautiful flowers.

    5.I like the very long vacation, because may arrive the very many places

    travel like this.

    6.I like the synthesis skill program, because may relax the mood as well

    as the belly laughter.

    7.I most often recreational activity is window-shops, because

    window-shops the thing which may buy many own to like.

    8.My family has paternal grandmother, the daddy and the younger brother,

    adds me altogether to have four people, paternal grandmother very

    tenaciously, but the starting point all is good, daddy very

    democratic, we like the friend to be same, younger brother very skin,

    after but sometimes lets the person be very frustrated.

    9.Elementary school's teacher makes I most unforgettable person, because

    he to me very good, calculated I am very mischievous, he all cannot be

    angry, moreover frequently has the between-meal snack to be allowed to


    10.Yes, I like travelling, most likes Paris, because I thought he is a romantic city, hoped one day me to be able to go to there travel.

    11.I most like the blue accent the music, because he sounds to be very

    comfortable, makes one have the tranquil feeling.

    12.Yes, but occasionally eats a time, usually is eats in the special

    holiday, for example valentine day perhaps Mother's Day.

    13.Yes, I like, because belly hungry time may very quickly eat, moreover

    is very delicious, calculated he is ill health.

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