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About Argumentation~(20points)

Is there anyone can tell me that

Is it good or bad for full-time students taking part-time job?

I need some informations for "Argument"- the Advantages and the Disadvantages. (English is more better)

Emergency!!~ Thanks a lot!!!

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    Is it good or bad for full-time students taking part-time job?

    The advantages :

    1. Extra income : Who would say no to a little bit more money in the pocket?

    2. An actual working experience before graduation : This certainly prepares every student to be ready for the real world out there.

    3. Broaden a person's horizon : Part-time jobs can result in meeting people from different backgrounds and levels of the society.

    4. Responsibility training : Salaries are paid to those who work, therefore responsibility is a key point of not being fired.

    5. Increase a person's maturity : We all know that we can not behave the way we do with our family and friends in the outside world. By working and dealing with colleagues or customers daily, we will learn the socially accepted manners and behaviors.

    6. A more clear view of your future career path : A part-time working student can gain the knowledge of job descriptions, responsiblities and requirements which he or she is doing. This knowledge will indicate whether the dream job he or she wants to do after graduation is actually desirable or suitable for himself or herself.

    The disadvantages :

    1. Time management : It is hard to maintain studying, working and still having some spare times for socializing. Especially it is even harder during an exam period.

    2. Physical challenges : Physically it is tiring to work and study at the same time. Usually a part-time working student is tired like a dog by the end of the day.

    The conclusion:

    I personally agree and support the idea of working part-time during studying. The advantages speak for themselves. So.....Let's all go and find a part-time job!!!!!!!

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    相當緊急!! 先多謝大家!!!

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    There are advantages and disadvantages for full-time students taking part-time job.

    The main disadvantage is that it takes a lot of time from studying.

    The advantages are:

    Financially, a part time job is generating some income.

    Socially, it gives chance to know people.

    Most important, it provides work experience which is a great advantage for the future career path.

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