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Many servers are skilled performers in the service encounter. The dinner house, and

Especially the lounge, is the stage. Two shows daily---lunch and dinner---deliver the

Same great performance every time. The server and the customer are both actors in the play. Both knowingly engage in the drama. The payoff for the customer is a feeling of warmth, friendship, and ego enhancement. The reward for the server is the big tip and the excitement of the drama.

Danny Mter,an owner of Union Square Café,says,”Agreat restaurant doesn’t distin-

Guish itself by how few mistakes it makes, but by how well they handle those mistakes”2

For some servers,the play is the thing .They know they are acting and love it.They

may also”love”their customers. The customers feed back similar feelings to generate a

staged love affair. All smiles and attention, the server hangs on the customer’s every word and gesture, radiating goodwill and the desire to please.

Once the ,meal is finished, the play is over, the customer leaves, and the server moves on to the next stage. Should the custoner and server meet in the supermark the next morning, they may scarcely acknowledge each other. (The same thing may hap-pen on a plane trip, the flight attendant dispensing love and warmth in-flight. Off the plane, the play is over. Should a passenger and the flight attendant pass in the terminal,they scarcely nod in recognition.)

If the dinner house adds liquor to the environment, guests may experience loosen-ing

inhibitions, clouded perceptions, and a reduction in anxiety and hostility. Voices rise, suppressed needs surface, conversations become animated, ego guards are lowered, jokes are funnier. This increases the need for restaurant owners, managers, and servers

to become aware of and practice responsible alcoholic beverage service.

The traveling person eating alone is uneasy, especially in a dinner house where cou-ples and groups are out having fun. Aliented and self-conscious, he or she wonders about the price of the meal and may order something more expensive than usual to let anyone who might be interested know that he or she can afford it. The traveler maywant more rapid service,eating quickly and leaving as soon as possible.

The same person in a group, exhilarated by the presence of friends, can take on a completely different personality. Instead of being impersonal with the server, he or she is now friendly.

If the group is large and made of relative strangers, as in a banquet setting, servers

May become nonpersons. Customers may refer to them in the third person even though they are nearby and can overhear the comments. No one likes to be treated this way.severs may set themselves up sometimes for such treatment by displaying a lack of self-confidence, excessive deference, or overeagerness Something in human nature, at least in some people, causes them to treat such people as inferiors and even to humiliate them.

Visitors to this country are surprised by the service, especially that given by college students. Many times, the financial and educational level of the server is higher than the custoners’.

Veteran Chicago restaurateur Doug Roth once said ,”Good service can save a bad meal.A good meal cannot save bad service.”It’s well known that people who experience bad service often won’t complain to management; they simply won’t return.

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    很多伺服器熟練在服務過程中的作秀者遭遇。 晚餐房子,和

    特別是休息室,是舞台。 二演出每日-午餐和晚餐-交付

    每次的相同的大的性能。 伺服器和用戶兩個都是在戲劇中的演員。 兩個有意從事戲劇。 用戶的付款是一種溫暖,友誼和自我提升的感覺。 伺服器的報酬是大的小費和戲劇的興奮。

    丹尼Mter,一位聯合廣場咖啡館,發言權,〃Agreat 餐廳doesn t distin的擁有人

    Guish 它自己以多少它犯,但是以他們辦理那些mistakes〃2的錯誤

    對一些伺服器來說,戲劇是事情。 他們知道他們正行動並且愛it.They

    also〃love〃their有用戶。 那些用戶回饋相似的感覺產生A

    舉行戀愛。 滿臉笑容,注意,伺服器等一下customer s每話和手勢,散發出友好和請的願望。

    一旦,飯被完成,那些戲劇結束,那些用戶離開,並且那些伺服器移到那些下舞台。 如果custoner和伺服器第二天早晨在supermark見面,他們可能幾乎不承認彼此。 (相同事情可能偶然發生鋼筆在一飛機旅行上,分發的機組人員喜歡和飛行中的溫暖。 離飛機,戲劇結束。 如果一位乘客和機組人員在終端裡遞給,他們幾乎不在承認過程中點頭.)


    抑制,朦朧的知覺和在憂慮和敵對方面的減少。 聲音變大,壓抑需要表面,談話變得活潑,自我警衛降低,笑話更有趣。 這增加對餐廳擁有人,經理和伺服器的需要


    單獨吃的旅行的人不安,特別是享受樂趣的cou-ples和組在外面的一所晚餐房子。 Aliented 和害羞, 他或者她關於飯的價格想知道並且可以預訂更昂貴的東西, 比通常讓可以感興趣的任何人知道他或者她能支付得起。 旅遊者maywant更迅速的服務,迅速吃並且盡快離開。

    相同的人作為一組,因為朋友的出席被使高興,能呈現完全不同的人格。 不是與服務生,他不牽涉個人感情或者她現下友好。


    可以成為被人看作不存在的人。 用戶可能使用第3 人稱提及他們,即使他們在附近並且能偷聽那些意見。 沒有人喜歡被處理這way.severs透過顯示缺乏自信為這樣的處理有時可以使他們自己康復, 過度的敬重, 或者在人性方面的overeagerness 某些事情,至少在一些人裡,引起他們把這樣的人當作下級和甚至使他們蒙受羞辱。

    去這個國家的參觀者因為服務,大學生給的特別那驚訝。 很多次,伺服器的金融和教育水準比custoners 高。

    道格‧羅斯曾經說的老戰士芝加哥飯店頭家,〃Good 服務能給壞meal.A保留,好飯不能保留壞服務。 對那人眾所周知的〃It s誰軍用的嚴重的經驗經常won t向管理抱怨; 他們僅僅won t 返回。

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