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我是台灣的xxxx..你還記得嗎?你最近好嗎? 聽oooo說你最近去度假...應該很好玩吧!!!真好..我最近要考試了..所以每天都跟書待在一起...但是最讓我們期待的是明年你們再來台灣..我們迫不及待趕快買票進場了..哈哈...現在台灣還是有很多人在談論xxxx這部劇...每個人都在期待...也包括我!!!也很多人說你是個很好的人..說..你很熱情..很可愛......很多很多...和你在演唱的時候...大家是多麼的認真...總之..在我們的心中..你們真的很棒!!!!!!!!

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    I am Taiwan's xxxx. You also remember? Your most recent well-being?

    Listens to oooo to say you recently were on a vacation.. Should be

    very amusing! ! ! Really good. I recently had to take a test. Every

    day therefore treats with the book in the same place.. But most will

    let us anticipate is next year you again comes Taiwan. We impatient

    quickly bought the ticket to enter the arena. Ha ha.. Now Taiwan or

    has very many people to discuss xxxx this play.. Each people all are

    anticipating.. Also includes me! ! ! Also very many people said you

    are a very good person. Said. You are very warm. Very lovable.....

    Very many... are very many With you the time which sings.. Everybody

    is the how earnestness.. In brief. In ours heart. You very are

    really good! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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    Hi, I am XXX from Taiwan. Do you still remember me? How are you? I heard that you went vacation recently. You must have had a great time!! How wonderful it is! I am having an exam soon that I hang out with my books every day. However, the thing we expect the most is that you come to Taiwan again next year. We can't wait to buy the ticket to the concert. Ha..Ha.. There are still many people discussing the "XXX". Everyone is expecting...including me!! A lot of people said you are a very nice person...they said you are very passionate...very cute...and many more...When you are singing everybody is very concentrated. To sum up, you are terrific in our eyes!!!!!!

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  • Cheryl
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    2 0 年前

    Do you remember me? I'm xxx in Taiwan. How have you been recently? I heard oooo said that you were on your vacation. It should be interesting. It's great. I'm going to have a test lately so I have to stay with books everyday. However, we still expect you to come to Taiwan again next year. We will be in haste to enjoy your show. Ha...ha...There are stil lots of people who talks about your show-xxxx in Taiwan. Everyone looks forward to you, including me. Many people said that you are a nice, pasion, lovely person and so on. When you sing, everyone is fascinated. Anyway, you are outstanding in our minds.

    參考資料: my English experience
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