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功能:胸膜是保養胸部肌膚ㄉ,UP UP ㄉ是~~青木瓜四物豐胸茶的功效: 1。青木瓜酵素。含豐富的豐胸激素及養份可以使乳腺暢通 。是天然豐胸的絕佳食品。 大家都知道台灣女星天新皮膚光滑白皙擁有36E的好身材。他每次都會提到因為從小就喜歡喝青木瓜墩排骨。所以才擁有現在如此傲人的身材 2。天然食補..養顏美容,青春永駐 .。 3。產後可以維持胸部定型。增加乳汁分泌。是產後補身的最佳飲品 4。不少女性因月經來潮而無法正常工作,四物湯可幫助活血化瘀,排除血塊,並減輕腹脹腹痛,使經血排出順暢。此外,四物湯更可補充鐵劑,減少月經來潮時的貧血、頭暈目眩及經血不出的狀況。 5。養成從年輕就服用的習慣,有助於氣血通順,不易手腳冰冷,並使臉色紅潤及肌膚光滑,減緩生理機能老化,看起來更為年輕。





3. 將鋁箔撕開取出『水蜜桃滋潤胸膜』,展開後輕輕服貼於胸部後將珍珠膜取下。


4. 輕輕按摩胸部周圍,以達到最理想的效果。






意思對哩就好嚕= ="

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    Function: The pleura maintains chest skin, the UP UP one is ~~Efficiency of blue and green papaya and abundant chest tea of four things :

    1.Blue and green papaya ferment . It can make the mammary gland unblocked to include the abundant abundant chest hormone and raise one. It is the excellent food of the natural abundant chest. Everybody knows the woman star in Taiwan the it new skin has good stature of 36 E smoothly and paly. He will mention that because has liked drinking the blue and green papaya mound sparerib since childhood each time. So just there is stature of so proud people now

    2 . Natural tonic.. Skin maintenance, the youth stays forever. .

    3 . Can maintain the chest and finalize the design postpartum. Increase the milk to secrete. It is the best drink enriching the body postpartum

    4 . Not the young girl is unable to work normally because the tide comes in the period , four thing soup can help the invigorating blood circulation silt , get rid of clot , lighten abdominal distension suffer from abdominal pain , is it discharge by blood smooth to make. In addition, four thing soup can supplement the iron pharmaceutical even more, the anaemia at the time of the tide , state having a dizzy spell and not happenning through the blood that reduce the period .

    5 . Forming it from the young habit taken, help the qi and blood to be clear and coherent , the difficult trick is ice-cold, and make the of pink and healthy-looking and skin smooth , slow down the physiological function and wear out , seem younger.

    Operation method : Occupation mode: Apply and stick to 20-30 minutes directly, let the function of isolating of the pleura make the skin warm and rise and accelerate metabolism and raise a absorbability . Then take the pleura off. Very every angel is by suitable for any skin quality on ordinary days or maintaining skin care to use speciallying. There is a hot one after using. This is a normal response. Please settle down to use

    Operation method :

    1.Propose in the first month that sweet every angel of heart uses. Maintain 3-4 times every week one month later

    2.Can open and use directly, can lay aside for the moment in the hot water too? It is used again that it is hot

    3. Tear the aluminium foil and take out " the moist pleura of honey peach ", take the pearl membrane off docily after the chest gently after launching .

    The skin will absorb the nutrient on the pleura immediately , can take down about 150 minutes later.

    4. Massage the chest around gently, in order to reach the most ideal result.

    5.Need not make movements of washing after using

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