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A question...

Is anyone can tell me how to write a correct "Research Paper". Can I use the info or any

kinds of resources that I need from the Internet??? If so, can I cite, quote or circulate their works, and only one thing I've to do is offer the reference where I got, and paste their names, works or saying on the end of the paper........

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    I can help u since I have written over 15 research papers during my first and second year university year. Right now I focus on writing for economics, which uses APA form; But if u r just writing papers for english courses and so on, u must use MLA form. Make sure what kind of form you should use with your professor first. If your professor didn't tell u that u had to use one of these two form, plz ignore the rest of this post ;)

    According to your answer about using online resources, the answer is yes. It is called Electronic Sources. However, professors usually consider the source of the info. u cite and quote. If the info. is just from a person's homepage, it's not going to be persuasive. Hence, you must find resources from some professional web sites. eg. If you are looking for the info. about animal conservation, you should go to WWF, the really profesisonal web site that can provide the updated and persuasive resources. If you find an online article, make sure it is "peer reviewed." a peer reviewed article means that it is reviewed by some professional people who study in the same area.

    About the reference, It is for sure in your last papers. The MLA has the rules and orders when u write online sources. But the rules can be vary. Basically it is:

    _____(1)_____, ________(2)________. _________(3)__________. _____________(4)________________. ___________(5)____________


    1.The author's Last Name or The group of author's name or the organization's name.

    2.The author's Fisrt Name.

    3.The name or the title of the article or the site( plz add underline).

    4.The date of the publication or updated

    5.The date of access

    6.The URL in Angle Brackets

    if there is no enough information for you to write citations like above(usually the article from professional web site does not have the author's name), you must consult with your professor or writing assistant. Wrting citation is a big thing in reseach papers. Don't ignore it~

    That's the way of writing the referece for your citations. Ask if you have any other questions ; )

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    yes it is. If u quote someone's words without permission, u are guity to "Plagiarism." This problems is as sever as cheating in almost every Universities in North America(as far as I know).

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    In most courses, the professor tells u how serious plagiarism is. Almost every course outline states that plagiarism will give the student a mark immidiately! Some students even failed the school eventually!!! >"<

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    sory I missed a word :p

    Will give the student a F mark immidiately!

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    by the way, in my writing course today, the professor was sooo angry about talking in class, we were soo afraid ~>"<~ this post does not relative to the question, I just wanna find a place to say it >"<

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    There are many web sites offer tips, guides, and resources about how to write a good research paper. I believe you can find all the answers you want from them. Here I posted a few links for your reference. Good Luck and enjoy your writing!!

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    Is there any copyrights problem? Just curious.

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    Basically, yes, you can use almost all kinds of sources from the Internet, but you have to pay attention to whether the source (or the website) and the author are credible or not. Sometime people just make up things and post this type of untrue information online, and this is something that you don't want to use. Credible and reliable sources include official websites of scholarly journal publications, newspapers, professors/experts, etc. When you decide you want to use any information from the Internet for the research paper, refer to "MLA" or "APA" style guidelines for citation methods. These two are the most commonly used styles in writing research papers. So you should check with your instructor first to see which style you should use.

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