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    2 0 年前

    1.So long as you are willing to believe, have not then failed , only stop succeeding temporarily

    2.A person with natural gift, if not self-confident, just as the match would have no matchbox, do not want not to wipe out the spark forever

    3.The turn at night is the daytime , it is happy that the angry turn is, it was better sometimes so long as let mood rotate one curved

    4.Why is it ask life bring what it will be I , should ask oneself whether I what life in I leave to want, this's my stage

    5.It must help oneself first to want others to help you

    6.Bright thing inside the memory, forget very fast always, and just as branding agony, want to forget unforgettable one

    7.The chance is in front of you forever, see whether you mastered

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  • 2 0 年前

    1. So long as you are willing to believe, then has not been defeated, only has temporarily stops? 2. Has the day share person, if does not have self-confident, liked the matches not matchbox, forever did not want not to be able to scratch the spark 3. The dark night curve is the daytime, the angry curve is joyful, some times so long as let the mood curved transfer to be good 4. Why has to ask the life takes to me any, but is should ask oneself, I leave behind any in mine life, now at last is my stage 5. Wants the others to help you, must first help oneself 6. Inside memory happy matter, always forgets express, but the pain likes the brand mark to be same, more wants to forget is more difficult to forget 7. The opportunity forever all in front of you, looked you must go grasp