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about flight attendant

what are advantages and disadvantages of being a flight attendant

can someone give me some example

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    The disadvantages are:

    1. Long hours away from home and very irregular hours.

    2. Often you are many days away from home sometimes for a week or longer.

    3. You have to work on weekends and public holidays.

    4. You will be unable to plan your life,especially with a constantly changing roster.

    5. This puts a severe strain on family and loved ones.

    6.Jet lag often means that even on your days off you are usually tired and cannot do the things you want.

    7.Have to confront hostile and or angry , aggressive and often drunk passengers.

    8.Overnight in dodgy hotels,especially in 3rd world countries.

    9.Work in small cramped galleys(aircraft kitchens).

    10.broken nails and bruised limbs and occasional burns from hauling about trolley's and bins in galleys and handling scalding hot foods.

    11. You will have to work with different colleagues all the time , and sometimes you are stuck with people you don't like and are incompatible with yourself.

    12.Possibility of severe injuries due to turbulence.

    13.Have to do 6 and 12 monthly practical and written evaluations to check your competancy and to retain your CAA licence.


    The advantages are:

    1.Enjoy a great deal of time off (13 to 17 days off per month; roughly 6 months off per year!).

    2.Get free or reduced-cost travel benefits for yourself and immediate family, covering air travel, lodging, car-rentals, and cruises.

    3.Get a lucrative benefits package, often including health and life insurance, credit union membership, employee stock options, and a 401(k)retirement plan.

    4.Enjoy unmatched variety - Forget the predictability of 9 to 5 cube life!

    5.Enjoy maximum scheduling flexibility - You're not limited to weekends off like the rest of the world!

    6.Meet new people, including many celebrities.

    7.See the world.

    8.Feel more independent.

    9.Feel more responsible.

    10.Feel a sense of pride and accomplishment(especially when you help an unaccompanied minor or handicapped passenger safely reach their destination).

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