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請問誰有舞曲Macarena 麥卡連那的歌詞?

請問誰有舞曲Macarena 麥卡連那的歌詞?

Los Del Rio 河流合唱團唱的


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    2 0 年前

    MacarenaLos Del Rio/featuring The Bayside BoysAlbum: Macarena Club Cutz試聽點1-Dale a tu cuerpo alegria Macarena Que tu cuerpo es pa' darle alegria y cosa buena Dale a tu cuerpo alegria, Macarena Hey, MacarenaWhen I dance they call me MacarenaAnd the boys they say que soy buenaThey all want me, they can't have meso they all come and dance beside meMove with me, chat with me and if I could I'd take you home with me(rpt 1, 1)Now don't you worry about my boyfriendThe boy who's name is VitorinoI don't want him, couldn't stand himHe was no good so INow come on, what was I suppose to doHe was out of town and his two friends were so fine(rpt 1...1)Come find me, my name is MacarenaAlways at the party con las chicas que estan buenasCome join me, dance with meAnd all you fellas chat along with me (rpt 1...)歌詞引用自:萬千歌詞庫

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