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    A: On the fifth day, we should be on our way back home

    D: On the way back, we could visit 墾丁 National Park

    C: Yes, we could take a walk in the park and enjoy the scenary

    A: Wow it must be great

    B: Sounds romantic~

    C: After returning to 高雄, we can cruise around 西子灣

    D: Perhaps we can also have 海之水 there

    B: That is a great idea

    A: We can also have seafood at 旗津

    D; But we have to be on the way back to 台中 after dinner

    C: Yes, I think we just got ourselves a great plan(schedule)

    A: I am really looking forward to the trip

    B: Oh I wish we can go now

    C: Why not we book the hotel first before they are all booked out

    D: Exactly, you're right

    我加了一些口語化的語氣 你可以再自己調整一下

    2005-05-20 23:21:19 補充:

    thank you!

    也可以呀 反正這是朋友之間的閒談 是可是很隨性的啦

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  • 2 0 年前

    A:the fifth day we also should go toward back to walk

    D:go toward back to walk behind we can go to Kenting National Park

    C:kidness!We can at national park inside stroll.See the scenery

    A:the scenery certainly is very beautiful!

    B:sound the very romantic feeling!

    C:return to Kaohsiung behind we can go to the west son gulf to do the ferry

    D:can also eat the water 阿 of a sea?

    B:kidness!This suggestion liked too

    A:can go to the ensign 津 to eat the seafood!

    D:have a meal behind we have to start on journey to return to Taichung

    C:kidness!The route of travel that sees come us is to enrich too

    A:I really expected more and more

    B:really hope to take a trip to hurry the arrival

    C:that let's go first to order the hotel!Otherwise have no room by that time!

    D:is a 阿 !You say right!

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  • 2 0 年前

    A:第五天時我們也該往回走了 It's about time to go home on the fifth day.

    D:往回走後我們可以去墾丁國家公園 We can go to the Kenting National Park on the way home.

    C:恩!我們可以在國家公園內散步.看風景 Yup. We can go for a walk and sight-seeing in the park(Kenting)

    A:風景一定是非常的美吧! It must be beautiful there/ The scenery must be beautiful there.

    B:聽起來好浪漫的感覺喔! It sounds so romantic.......

    C:回到高雄後我們可以去西子灣做渡輪 We can take the ferries at Shichi Bay after we arrive Koahshiung.

    D:是不是還可以去吃碗海之水阿? Could we also have some ......there?

    B:恩!這個建議太好了 Yeah! That sounds great.

    A:可以去旗津吃海產喔! And some seefood at Chichin.

    D:吃完飯後我們就得起程回台中了 We must leave for Taichung after dinner

    C:恩!看來我們的行程真是太豐富了 Yeah. It look like we are having a tight schedule for the trip here.

    A:我真的是越來越期待了 I am really looking forward to it.

    B:真希望旅行快點到來 Hope that day comes now.

    C:那我們先去訂飯店吧!否則到時候就沒有房間囉! So we should book the hotel now or they will be all booked.

    D:是阿!你說的沒錯! Yeah! You are right

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    2 0 年前

    A: We should go back on fifth day

    D: We can come to Kanting National Park when we come back.

    C: Un! We can take a walk in National park. And savor the scenery.

    A: The view must be very wonderful!

    B: Sounds like so romantic!

    C: We can take ferry in xiy zie gulf when we back to Kaushung.

    D: Is that mean we can have a oyster meal as well?

    B: Un- This is such a good suggestion!

    A: We can go to chi jin eat sea food!

    D: After dinner we have to return to Taichung

    C: Un-- our trip is really contented!

    A: I can't wait any longer!

    B: I expecting it coming faster

    C: So let's make a reservation first! Otherwise we'll live nowhere at that time!

    D: Yeah! That's right!

    參考資料: Professional English Teacher
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  • 2 0 年前

    A: The fifth weather we also should toward return to

    D: After returns to us to be allowed to go to Kending country park

    C: Graciousness! We may take a walk in the country park Looks at scenery

    A: The scenery certainly is unusual America!

    B: Sounds the romantic feeling oh!

    C: After returns to Gaoxiong we to be allowed to go to the West Lake bay to make ferryboat

    D: Is not also may go eats water of the bowl sea Arab League?

    B: Graciousness! This suggestion too good

    A: May go to flag Tianjin to eat the marine product oh!

    D: After finished eating the food we to have to start on a journey Taichung

    C: Graciousness! Looked like our travelling schedule really was too has enriched

    A: I really have more and more anticipated

    B: Really hoped the travel a bit faster arrives

    C: Then we first subscribe the hotel! Otherwise when the time comes does not have the room!

    D: Is Arab League! You are right!

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    2 0 年前

    A: We got to go back on the fifth day.

    D: We can go to the Kenting National Park.

    C: Yeah! We can take a walk and sight seeing in the park.

    A: The view must be very beautiful!

    B: It sounds pretty romantic!

    C: We can take a ferry boat in西子灣 after we arrive 高雄.

    D: Can we have 海之水 too?

    B: Yeah! This is a great idea!

    A: We can have some seafood in 旗津!

    D: We can go back to 台中 after lunch.

    C: Yeah! Our plan seems pretty plentiful!

    A: I'm getting more and more exited!

    B: I hope the day come faster.

    C: Then let's reserve a hotel first! Or else there is going to be no hotels!

    D: Yeah! You're right!

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    2 0 年前

    bacon翻得真是太好了! "Why not we book the hotel first before they are all booked out." 是不是比較口語的用法我不知道ㄟ~我會這樣開頭 Why don't we book the hotel .....

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