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But the past history is impossible and will be again changed of, certainly belonging to the science fiction and divorcing from reality in the movie. Maybe the scientist can invent that return to the past or will change the history in the future. But any silk that will change the history to do each time of diligent, will make the life of now been subjected to embroil the motion, will cause the influence that can't foresee, cause more chain reactions, start to anticipate don't and! The change of the all these like roll snow ball sort, eventually will cause hard save of destruction. Survive forever with pass of time and contest, the injury that try to make up to cause.

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    But the history is impossible to be changed again, of course whose in the movies were science fictional and detached from reality. Maybe the scientists in the future can invent devices which allows human to return to the past or change the future. But anything done in effort to change the history will cause the butterfly effect and transform the present, creating unforeseeing effects which will lead to more chain reactions unexpectly! All these changes will be like rolling a snow ball, eventually causing destruction we can’t save. And forever competing with the past, trying to make up of the injuries we had caused.

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