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匿名使用者 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 2 0 年前

want ad 是什麼意思啊




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  • 2 0 年前

    徵人廣告(求才名單) 也叫 classified adwant ad  求人広告A "want ad " is, actually, any kind of an advertisement where you want something. You want to sell something, you want to buy something, you want to hire someone, you want to find a job, you want to find a person, a partner, a boyfriend or a girlfriend. They are also called classified ads because they are always divided up into classificationsor groups. All the selling ads are together, all thee job ads aretogether, all the used cars for sale are in the same column.8) You might have heard the word classified also with documents,classified documents. It's the same idea of putting something intogroups by type, but in this case, there are different types, it'slevels of security rather than different types of requests.感謝樓下大指正警方的 懸賞名單/通緝專刊會寫的是 wanted

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  • Abby
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    2 0 年前

    want ad : 報紙上分類廣告欄內的徵求、徵聘、求職欄廣告

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    classified ad : 分類廣告 - 分成尋人、求職、租房、尋找遺失物等類別

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  • 匿名使用者
    2 0 年前

    既然有 ad ,應該是廣告,不會是警方的通緝專刊吧。

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