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    Dragon Boat Festival

    Many years ago in China, there was a place called Chu and a place called Chin. The people in Chin did not like the people in Chu, and the people in Chu did not like the people in Chin.

    In Chu, the king was named King Huai. King Huai had a friend called Chyu Yuan. Chyu Yuan was very smart, and told the king many good things to do

    The people in Chin were very sly. They wanted to trick King Huai. They wrote a letter to King Huai. The letter said the Chin people wanted to be King Huai's friends. They told King Huai to come to Chin, and they would all be very happy together.

    Chyu Yuan did not think this was a good idea.

    He told the king not to go to Chin, because he knew it was a trick. But King Huai did not listen to Chyu Yuan. He went to Chin. When he got there, he did not have a lot of fun. The Chin people put him in jail. They were not his friends. He was in jail for three years, then he died.

    The soldiers from Chin came to Chu for a big fight. The Chin soldiers won, and killed many Chu soldiers. They set fire to the king's house.

    Chyu Yuan felt very sad. He missed his friend the king. He jumped in a river called the Mi Luo River and died.

    The people loved Chyu Yuan very much, and they wanted to get his body out of the river.They got in boats and went out in the water, looking for Chyu Yuan. That is why people race Dragon Boats today on Dragon Boat Festival Day.

    But the people could not find Chyu Yuan in the water. They were very sad. They did not want the fish to eat him. So they made rice dumplings , called zong zi, and threw them in the water. The fish could eat the zong zi, and not eat Chyu Yuan's body. So today, on Dragon Boat Festival day, we still eat rice dumplings.

    At 12:00 noon on Dragon Boat Festival, the sun will be straight over your head. Don't look at it; it can hurt your eyes. But you can try something interesting; put an egg on its end right at twelve o'clock, and it will stand up. The sun helps hold it up. Listen


    Chu: 楚

    Chin: 秦

    King Huai: 楚懷王

    Chyu Yuan: 屈原

    Smart: 聰明 Sly: 狡猾

    Trick: 欺騙

    Wrote a letter: 寫了一封信

    Jail: 監獄

    Killed: 殺死 Set fire to: 放火

    Missed: 想念

    Mi Luo River: 汨羅江

    Body: 屍體

    Dragon boats: 龍舟 Noon: 中午

    Straight: 直接

    Interesting: 有趣

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    農曆五月五日端午節﹐是我國重要的節慶之一﹐「端」即「初」的意思﹐五月初五即為端五﹐干支逢午﹐故名端午。一般傳統的說法﹐認為端午節是源自於紀念屈原的傳說﹐但是從端午節的許多習俗來看﹐學者們則認為﹐端午節可能源自於古代驅除瘟疫的習俗或源起於龍圖騰的祭祀。端午節時值農曆五月﹐剛好是初夏﹐天氣愈來愈炎熱﹐多病菌蚊蟲﹐易生疾病﹐為保平安﹐民間便興起各式各樣祛瘟避疫的方法﹐如插菖蒲艾草﹐掛香包、喝雄黃酒等等。而賽龍舟則是為了祈求風調雨順﹐驅遣瘟神而來。當然﹐談到端午節﹐屈原的傳說是不能不提的﹐民間傳說該日是楚國詩人屈原憂國憂時﹐悲憤投江的日子﹐由於楚國人非常愛戴屈原﹐當時非常傷心﹐漁夫們划著船到處找不到屈原的屍體﹐為了不讓魚蝦去咬食屈原的屍體﹐人民就以粽葉包了飯、肉、雞蛋等食物丟入江中餵魚蝦﹐並倒一罈雄黃酒來灌醉魚蝦。從此以後每年的五月五日﹐人們 都要吃粽子、喝雄黃酒來紀念屈原。不管起源如何﹐端午節繁複多姿的各項慶典﹐已成為全民生活重要的部份﹐所以﹐別忘了﹐在每年的這一天﹐親手包包粽子﹐製作香包﹐到河邊觀看龍舟競賽﹐體驗一下先民生活的藝術﹐還有﹐在當天中午﹐別忘了拿個雞蛋豎立看看﹐聽說可以輕意的把雞蛋豎立起來喔!The lunar calendar on May 5 Dragon Boat Festival ﹐ is the our country important festival celebrates one ﹐ "the end" namely "at the beginning of" the meaning ﹐ in May fifth day namely brings forth the noon for the end five ﹐ Heavenly Stems and the Earthly Branches ﹐ therefore the famous fifth day of the fifth lunar month.The general traditional view ﹐ thought Dragon Boat Festival is the source from to commemorates Qu Yuan's fable ﹐ but from Dragon Boat Festival's many customs to look ﹐ the scholars thought ﹐ Dragon Boat Festival might the energy from drive out the plague to the ancient times the custom or the source dragon totem sacrificial offering.When Dragon Boat Festival value lunar calendar in May ﹐ just isFirst month of summer ﹐ the weather increasingly burning hot ﹐ multi- germs mosquito ﹐ easy fresh disease ﹐ for to guarantee the safe ﹐ folk thenEmerges all kinds of dispels the acute communicable disease method ﹐ likeInserts ﹐ hangs , drinks realgar wine and so on. But the match dragon boat is for implore the good crop weather ﹐ to expel the god of plague.Certainly ﹐ talks about the Dragon Boat Festival ﹐ Qu Yuan's fable is has no alternative but to raise ﹐ folklore this day is Chu country poet Qu Yuan worries when country sorrow ﹐ the grief and indignation throws river the day ﹐ because the Chu country person extremely loved the Qu Yuan ﹐ extremely sad ﹐ fishermen to delimit the ship everywhere to find Qu Yuan's corpse at that time ﹐ in order to did not let the fish and shrimp nip eats Qu Yuan the corpse ﹐ people on to wrap food and so on food, meat, egg by the leaf has thrown in the inlet to feed the fish and shrimp ﹐ and but actually realgar wine gets drunk the fish and shrimp. From then on every year on May 5 ﹐ the people all want to eat the steamed rice dumpling, to drink the realgar wine to commemorate Qu Yuan.How no matter origins ﹐ the Dragon Boat Festival complicated varied each celebration ﹐ to become all the people to live the important part ﹐ therefore ﹐ the child did not forget ﹐ to watch the dragon boat race in every year this day ﹐ personally pocket steamed rice dumpling ﹐ manufacture to the riverside ﹐ to experience the ancients life art ﹐ also to have ﹐﹐ do not forget in the same day noon to take an egg to stand erect has a look ﹐ to hear was allowed light Italy to stand erect the egg oh! The child might as well tries to look. 我也發了這樣了問題~Neo回答我的!!

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