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請幫我翻關於Georgia Gibb 的資料

A constant visitor to the charts in the first half of the 1950s, Georgia Gibbs failed to leave as strong an imprint as many of her fellow stars, at least in part because of her versatility. She did ballads, straight pop, novelties, pop-jazz, cha-cha-chas -- whatever the marketplace might take, she could adapt. In the mid-'50s she, like many other White pop singers, covered R&B hits for the pop audience. Today's she's most remembered for outselling Etta James (with a cover of "The Wallflower," renamed "Dance with Me Henry") and LaVern Baker (on "Tweedle Dee"), although this phase of her career was pretty brief.

Gibbs began singing in Boston ballrooms as a teenager, and made her recording debut in 1938 under her given name, Fredda Gibson. She made some recordings in the early '40s with Artie Shaw's band, and by the early '50s had waxed some hits for the Coral label. She enjoyed her commercial prime, though, on Mercury, for whom she recorded hit after hit from 1951 to 1956. The tango-tinged "Kiss of Fire," which went all the way to number one in 1952, was the biggest and best of these. Her very White, pop-oriented takes on "Tweedle Dee" (late 1954) and "Dance with Me Henry" (early 1955) are what she remains most notorious for. And with some good reason: although it would be ridiculous to blame Gibbs for singing material that Mercury selected for her, these covers stole a lot of the thunder from the gutsier original performers, at a time when rock & roll was struggling to gain a foothold in the pop mainstream.

In any case, Gibbs' days on the hit parade were numbered. She never entered the Top 20 again after 1955, and left shortly Mercury afterwards, partially because her A&R men (Hugo Peretti and Luigi Creatore) had left the label. After a brief and unsuccessful stint at RCA, she had her last Top 40 hit, "The Hula Hoop Song," for Roulette in 1958. She curtailed her professional activities considerably in the 1960s, though she remained active to some degree through the ensuing decades. ~ Richie Unterberger, All Music Guide

Written by Richie Unterberger

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    Georgia Gibbs 在 '50 年代前半期常常上榜,不過可能是因為她的多元吧,比起同期的明星她沒有給人留下很深的印象。她的作品有慢歌(ballads)、straight pop、novelties、流行爵士、cha-cha-chas(恰恰?),只要是市場要的她都能納入。在 '50 年代中期她如其它的白人流行歌手一樣為流行音樂歌迷唱 R&B 歌。如今,她令人最讓人印象最深的是主打 The Wallflower (後來改名 Dance with Me Henry) 與 "Tweedle Dee" 分別賣的比 Etta James 與 LaVern Baker 好,不過她這段歌手生涯的時期很短。

    Gibbs 十幾歲時開始在波士頓舞廳唱歌,並在 1938 用本名 Fredda Gibson 出首張專輯。她在 '40 年代初與 Artie Shaw 的樂團錄音,並在 '50 年代初為 Coral 唱片公司灌製一些暢銷片。不過她的商業黃金期在 1951 年到 1956 年間,為 Mercury 唱片公司錄了一首又一首的名曲。這些裡面最有好的是有探戈風味的 "Kiss of Fire" (在 1952 年達到榜首)。她惡名對大的曲子算是極度偏白人的流行歌 "Tweedle Dee" (1954 年底) 與 "Dance with Me Henry" (1955 年初)。然而這也不無原因;雖然我們不應責怪她唱 Mercury 為她選的東西,在 rock & roll (搖滾樂)還努力在流行主流上立足時她的這些專輯確實也偷走其它較有膽量的原創歌手的震撼。

    無論如何,Gibbs 在榜上的日子也近尾聲。1955 年後她再也沒進榜上前 20 名,並很快的離開 Mercury (一部份是因為她的 A&R (Hugo Peretti and Luigi Creatore) 離開了)。(A&R = 搜羅與訓練人才的人)在她在 RCA 一個短暫與不成功的逗留後,她在 1958 為 Roulette 錄了她最後一首前 40 強曲子 "The Hula Hoop Song"。她的專業活動在 60 年代的減少了很多,不過在後來幾十年她還有某程度上的活躍。~ Richie Unterberger, All Music Guide

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