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    1.This report that we made is the part of optionA, describing how to need when an enterprise will enter Taiwan , tactics, and it is nike what difficult , that we will introduce company he will run into, it is that a international one and a sport transports the product shop, its type of merchandize sold is very complete, and its brand has already become a kind of popular element, one leads the brand of the sport agitation in the whole world, all know allly , so we choose nike, as the topic of the report that we want.

    My responsible part is how nike enter the market and its risk and difficulty met of Taiwan , my materials are for the most part to surf the Net and look for, because a lot of materials are unexistent in library, materials on the network are not many in fact, all need to reel off raw silk from cocoons and shelling the callus, every webpage is seen once conscientiously , can find the materials that you need. It is really difficult to put this report in order out.

    The experience that I learn to get in the group , the most important thing is and divide the work the cooperative importance, while making this report, we discuss the content of this report each other first , it is determined which kind of way is taken to do first , then reallocate the everybody responsible range, because could make everybody have sense of duty in this way, will not make all reports done by several people among them, some people did not accomplish the thing ,

    Will meet some questions unavoidably in the whole course, though everybody has his responsible parts, can't say that only finish one's own part either, no matter other people, because everybody is a group, did everybody want to see? The achievement of the group , but not personal, so we are during the process of making, no matter where there is difficulty, the problem of solving each other that we will alone, but not escape the question each other , because could demonstrate the perfect achievement only in this way. On sale throughout the respect in world , I will learn too when an enterprise will enter another country, want how is it assess risk and difficulty that he run into to go , want how about on sale throughout product, could let the company make a profit . For example: Nike chooses to use and contract, and it is responsible for that not every production process is oneself, this is a good way too, but no matter you are which kind of way is used to cooperate with the other side, will meet the risk unavoidably, want is the most important how to solve these problems. So via the report this time, enable me to understand even more, only the knowledge on the book does not make us totally see what it means , only real operation could be totally understood , so finish this lesson and really let me benefit a lot.

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