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* 此型二人橋牌玩法的優點

1.類似四人橋的玩法, 有助於訓練算牌與主打技巧.

2.手牌強者未必穩贏, 勝負的取決點在於與手下二家的牌型搭配.

*兩個人玩橋牌也有四人橋的樂趣 --- 此玩法是我與朋友數年來玩橋牌的方式, 在平常要找兩組實力相當的朋友來玩橋牌, 有時會有點困難.而玩蜜月橋(老實橋)又與四人橋有很大的差距; 在此介紹的橋牌玩法是每人看一半的牌, 以四人橋的精神來進行牌局, 增加玩牌的樂趣.

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    * This two person of bridge slight the law merit 1. Similar four person of bridges slighting the law, is helpful to the training calculated the sign and the host hit the skill 2. The hand sign powerhouse not necessarily steadily wins, the victory and defeat is decided the spot to lie in matches with under two signs * Two people play the bridge also to have four person of bridges pleasure --- this to slight the law are I play the bridge with the friend for several years the way, in usually must ask two groups of strengths suitable friends to play the bridge, sometimes can be a little difficult But plays the honeymoon bridge (honest bridge) also to have the very big disparity with four person of bridges; Slights the law in this introduction bridge is each person looked a half sign, carries on the gambling house by four person of bridges spirits, the pleasure which the increase plays cards.

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