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1.Why didn't Picasso's art become abstract after 1910?

2.Why is Duchamp's Urinal an important work of art for the Twentieth Century?

3.Are there connections between contemporary 'White' Australian art and contemporary 'Black' Australian art?

4.What role did chance play in Dadaist artworks and events?

5.We are familiar with the role of appropriation within postmodernism, but how did Dadaist artists use this?

6.Why was Duchamp's Fountain important to the development of 20th century art?

7.Name a theoretician associated with semiotics and the basic terms used in their theory.

8.Why was the representation of particular forms rejected by early C20th modernists interested in machine technology?

9.What significance did composition have in the development of abstract art?

10.How is the art of early C20th informed by synaesthesia?

11.List five (5) post-modern aspects or characteristics that can be considered in a reading of contemporary animation production.

12.List three (3) instances in which Duck Amuck (1957) employs reflexive devices. What are 2 effects of these strategies?

13.Name two key terms associated with postmodernism with particular relevance to the advent of technology.

14.Name an example of an advertising campaign that reinforces notions of postmoderninity and its use of controversial imagery such as African mercenary, aids patient, etc etc

15.What meanings are added and taken away in each case between the originals and the photographic remakes that Sherrie Levine creates?

16.Is Postmodern photography proof of the assertion made by the painter Paul Delaroche (at the birth of photography in 1839) that, "From today, painting is dead," or evidence of the inexorable amalgamation of the different art forms?

17.Why is Barbara Kruger's postmodern photography effective social/political comment?

18.Why is the humorous work of Pierre & Gilles much more difficult to imagine in a Modernist context?

19.Did the Dadas and the Surrealists achieve their goals?

20.Are Dada and Surrealism alive in our culture today?

21.Name the three most important influences upon the work of Toulouse-Lautrec.

22.In social terms, why did the graphic design industry emerge in the late 19th century?

23.How did the rise of the poster as an art form break down the canons of art?

24.Describe five ways in which John Heartfield's photomontage demonstrates Walter Benjamin's hopes for the new media of mass reproduction?

25.Explain five reasons why Walter Benjamin thought the new medium of cinema was more 'progressive' than fine art.

26.Explain what Walter Benjamin means by the 'aura' of fine art and describe four factors that he argues contribute to producing it.

27.Why do canons change?

28.How do canons change?

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    1.為什麼畢卡索的藝術沒有變得抽象在1910 年以後?

    2.為什麼Duchamp 的尿壺是一件重要藝術作品為20 世紀?

    3.有是連接在當代' 白色' 澳大利亞藝術和當代' 黑' 澳大利亞藝術之間嗎?

    4.機會充當了什麼角色在Dadaist 藝術品和事件?

    5.我們通曉專有的角色在後現代主義之內, 但Dadaist 藝術家怎麼使用了這?

    6.為什麼Duchamp 的噴泉是重要對20 世紀藝術的發展?


    8.為什麼特殊形式的表示法由早期C20th modernists rejected 感興趣對機器技術?



    11.可能被考慮在當代動畫生產讀書的名單五(5) post-modern 方面或特徵。

    12.名單三(3) 舉例在哪個鴨子殺人狂(1957) 使用反射設備。 什麼是這些戰略的2 個作用?


    14.給出加強postmoderninity 和對有爭議的成像的它的用途的概念譬如非洲mercenary 一場廣告戰的例子, 幫助患者, 等等

    15.什麼意思增加並且拿走在各個案件在原物和攝影之間重製Sherrie Levine 創造?

    16.是斷言的Postmodern 攝影證明由畫家保□・Delaroche 做(1839 在攝影誕生) 那, "從今天, 繪畫是死的,"或不同的藝術形式的不屈不撓的合併的證據?

    17.為什麼是巴巴拉・Kruger 的postmodern 攝影有效社會政治評論?

    18.為什麼Pierre & Gilles 幽默工作是更難想像在現代派上下文?

    19.Dadas 和超現實主義者達到了他們的目標嗎?

    20.Dada 今天是和超現實主義活在我們的文化嗎?

    21.給出三最重要的影響在圖盧茲Lautrec 工作。

    用社會術語, 為什麼圖表設計產業湧現了在19 世紀晚期?


    24.描述約翰・Heartfield 的photomontage 展示對許多再生產新媒介的Walter 本傑明的希望的五種方式用?

    25.解釋五個原因為什麼Walter 本傑明認為戲院新媒介更是' 進步' 比藝術。

    解釋什麼Walter 本傑明意味由' 氣氛' 藝術並且描述他爭論對導致貢獻它的四個因素。



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