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    What place do I want to go to the most? I think it is Venice. I have never been to the city which is full of water. And I also want to know if Venice is as beautiful as all kinds of sayings. Venice is on the north side of Italy, and is located on 118 islands. The islands are connected with hundreds of canals and bridges. It is really romatic. I will take my friends to Venice, although the preventions are still weak, I still want to see how gorgious is the water city. I will choose to go there at the Carnival , in fact, it is a really famous activity there. We can also appreciate all kinds of beautiful masks, and experience the native Venice. Also, if we have enough time, I'll take my friends to visit some famous buildings. I was interesting about its beautiful buildings since the first time I knew about Venice. Just like: St. Paul's church(聖保祿教堂並不在威尼斯阿........), 雷左尼可宮, some palaces, museum, art museum, college. It's really my biggest pleasure to come to Venice.

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    The place I want to go to the most? I guess it's definitely Venice. I have never visited that city which was filled with water, and curiously wanted to proof if it is as beautiful as it says. Venice, the city which is in the northen Italy. It contains 118 islands. More than 400 bridges and canals connected them, it's a kind of special exoticism. I'll take my best friends there. Although people are careless to protect them right now, I want to see the grandeur of Venice still. I'll take the chance to visit there during the special carnival of the masks----it's a famous activity there after all. I'll watch those different masks and experience the cultures in Venice. By the way, if the time is enough, I might bring them to those famous places over there. I thought about visiting those places long time ago, like the St. Paul's Church, the Palazzo Rezzonico, and other palazzos, museums, and universities. It'll be my biggest pleasure to be right here in the place I've only heard of.

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