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For centuries, people have arranged meetings for matrimonial purposes. Kings and queens and nobility of the past and present all know that they need to find the “right” spouse. Marriages of convenience among the elite have occurred for centuries. But what about the ordinary person?

In some culture, parents still arrange their children's marriages. Families promise their sons and daughters to one another at very early ages. Marriage remains a union of two families. In other cultures, the family still plays an important role in marriages. For example, in Japan, families sometimes arrange introductions for their children. They ask among their friends and relatives about eligible partners, and they arrange a meeting between the couple. However, the two young people make their own choice, and they decide if they want to date.

In many cultures, couples meet independently, and they do not depend on family to find their mate. According to surveys, men tend to look for physical attractiveness, sociability, affection, ability in the home and workplace, and sensitivity in a partner. Women look for economic stability, achievements, leadership, job skills, sense of humor, and intelligence.

Recently, computers have helped people in their search for a partner. All over the word, computer-assisted dating has become a very good business. Some people think that marriage agencies are easy and convenient. They can help quickly match up people who have similar interests and may be a good couple.

For a modest fee, you can use the services of an agency. You give your personal data, together with your likes and dislikes. The agency enters the information into a computer program that produces a list of persons who might be a good match for you. If you want to spend more money, the agency will make a video in which you talk about yourself, and the kind of person you would like to meet. The video is put on a computer, and candidate can choose their partners from a computer screen. If you have your own PC, you can have access to the system via a modem. For an extra fee, you'll be able to see the images of potential future partners in the comfort of your home.

And if all goes well, you may watch your wedding ceremony on video with your new spouse.

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    幾個世紀以來扮演丘比特,人們已經為婚姻的目的安排會議。 過去和現下的國王和王后和高貴全部知道他們需要找到ightspouse 。 在精英中的基於利害關係的婚姻幾個世紀以來已經存在。 但是普通的人怎麼樣? 在一些文化裡,父母仍然安排他們的孩子的婚姻。 家庭在非常早期的時代對彼此許諾他們的兒子和女兒。 結婚保持一個兩個家庭的協會。 在其他文化裡,家庭仍然在婚姻中起重要作用。 例如,在日本,家庭有時為他們的孩子安排介紹。 他們關於合格的合伙人在他們的朋友和親戚中問,並且他們安排在夫婦之間的一個會議。 不過,兩年輕人自己選擇,並且他們決定是否他們到目前為止想。 在很多文化裡,夫婦獨立見面,並且他們不取決於家庭找到他們的伙伴。 根據調查,人傾向於尋找表面吸引力,社交活動,愛,在家和工作場所和在一位合伙人裡的敏感性裡的能力。 婦女尋找經濟穩定,成就,領導,頭班技能,幽默感和智力。 最近,計算機已經為一位合伙人幫助人他們的搜尋。 遍及話,電腦幫助的約會已經成為一個非常好的生意。 一些人認為結婚代理是容易和便利的。 他們能幫助迅速把有相似的興趣並且可能是一對好夫婦的人們拼起來。 對一項適度的費用來說,你能使用一項代理的服務。 你給個人數據,以及你的喜愛和厭惡之物。 代理把訊息輸入生產一個可以和你很協調的人的名單的一個計算機程式。 如果你想要花費更多的錢,代理將做錄像,你談論你自己和你想和見面的這種人。 錄像被上演一台計算機,並且候選人能從計算機螢幕中挑選他們的合伙人。 如果你有你自己的PC, 你能透過一個數據機能接觸系統。 對一項額外的費用來說,你將能在你的家的安慰過程中看見潛在的未來的合伙人的圖像。 並且如果全部順利,你可能看你使關於錄像的禮節與你的新配偶相結合。

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