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    Owen and Gloria’s happy marriage ended while their beloved daughter was born. He missed his wife and was not able to take care of his daughter because of his job. Therefore, he asked his father to help. However, he destroyed his career at a press conference. What a misery came down upon him. From a shinning ad solicitor star, he became a unemployed house father. Twisted career and family made him missed chances to get back to work. As single parent family increases, there is less interactions between parents and children in the families. Owen became an outstanding single father. He thought he would spend the rest of his life with his daughter while he met with Maya, the woman who changed his life completely.How long can one live a life? Owen was not able to make his choice, between parenthood and romance. To his big surprise, in an special occasion, he found Gritty was playing with a neighbor boy to see their privates. As a father, a man, he felt awkward and embarrassed. There are many single families in the society; taking care of daily activities is simpler than psychological level. There is not perfect parents can do a perfect job. After watching this movie, I was moved while Owen listened to others and his own voice to go back to the growing Gritty to continue his parenthood. Perhaps, he lost his career, but he gained the whole world because the one who has the family is the richest one. 是那部片子啊﹖可以找出原名啦

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    Europe profit to destroy that day when the treasure daughter emerged ¡­

    He is missing the wife, but unable to look after one's own treasure daughter for the work

    Have to tow and shoulder to one's own father , but some day ¡­He destroys future oneself at a script holder person's meeting

    ¡­The most miserable thing all come and get on him in life, he becomes a job-waiting milk father from the adv

    But encountering one by chance can change his woman in all one's life in Mayan ¡­

    How long all one's life people can be!, among love and kindred, Europe profit and how does it know choice

    I had never expected, in once ¡­Under the accidental chance ¡­But find sister-in-law Ge is unexpectedly playing with the neighbour's little boy student

    Know men and women's old different games ¡­As father's h

    The same, perhaps there are more and more relative by marriage clan only of these societies, the life which attend to a child is simple

    But ¡­Psychological " educate " of aspect, have first parents can be totally competent

    After seeing this slice, the ones that were moved are, hear others' idea at the last moment as father's profit of Europe

    It is one's own sound too ¡­Have got back to sister-i

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