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英文高手請進有關feet of flame

有沒有人知道火燄之舞(feet of flame )的summary,請提供大約300~350字的summary,英文的summary

是feet of flame 不是fire dance

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    This performance, titled "Feet Of Flames" is billed as Michael Flatley's last performance in the role of the "Lord Of The Dance" and I think he does an excellent job here! It is a fitting send-off, very grand and epic in scope and scale. I did get to see the original Lord Of The Dance show live on stage in Philadelphia in 1997 and was totally blown away by the experience. The dancing, the beautiful music and the celestial and haunting singing of Anne Buckley remain in my heart to this very day. There is just something about hearing that music live and feeling the vibrations course through your body with every step the dancers make. It gives new meaning to the saying that you just HAVE to be there. There is NOTHING like the energy of a live stage dancing performance. Particularly not one like this one, with sure fire and energy and passion.

    Do not be fooled into thinking that is is just an out-of doors version of the original Lord Of The Dance show. It IS in a sense, and yet in many ways it is not. This show takes the original Lord Of The Dance production and kicks it into high gear. All of the original music and dances are back, but the dance routines look different a bit and more elaborate. They are longer and feature quite a bitof more complicated step work and more character interaction. There are also many new dances and more original musical pieces that make this a totally new experience.

    I loved the fact that Bernadette Flynn (the "good" girl in the show) got to do her own solo dance in the middle of this. It really gave her a chance to shine. The new numbers played by the dueling violinists were lively and lovely at the same time. The costumes and sets for this show were much bigger and elaborate than those for the original show. I would EASILY say that for me, the combination of old music and new numbers with more elaborate and totally new dance sequences was wonderful to watch. It made certain that I did not feel I was watching "the same old show" done over again. There were just so many new things to see and to hear and to take in. I loved Michael Flatley's solo flute performance near the beginning of act two. Very lovely stuff. I must say though that for me the highlight was another chance to hear Anne Buckley sing. What a GOLDEN voice. So beautiful and tender, yet rich and deep and passionate. The three songs she did here were even better to me than the ones she sang in the original Lord Of The Dance show. Her version of "Marble Halls" to me was even better than Enya's rendition, which I had previously loved. Ms. Buckley introduced me to the haunting love ballad "Carrickfergus" that had me reaching for my Kleenex even as I was wide-eyed and smiling from ear to ear. And the Gaelic piece she did (An Maigdean Mhara, if my memory serves correctly) was so beautiful that mere seconds after Ms. Buckley began to sing this number, my floodgates FLEW open and did not close for the full 3+ minutes of this song. Also I loved the fact that in this show instead of having just the green hooded cape for all three of her numbers, this time Anne got to wear three diffferent and very beautiful dresses, one for each song that she did (green, white, and gold). Exquisite costumes to fit with a stunning voice and an incredible beauty with great stage prescence. I for one cannot wait for her solo debut album.

    In short, this was an unforgettable experience. I have loved Celtic music and dance for years now and this performance only made my fires burn all the hotter with enthusiasm. The music, the dancing, the lighting, the story of a noble warrior saving his land from a dark knight's conquest...they combined to take my breath away and give me one of the greatest entertainment experiences of my life. If you get to see this I hope you get to enjoy it and even love it as much as I did. I still love this show today, more than two years after I got to see it, and I know I always will. Peace.

    參考資料: Feet of flame is a good show, go and see yourself.
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