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請問喔 港媒:中國拘留程翔是心虛膽怯的表現 如何翻

各位英文高手,你們知道 港媒:中國拘留程翔是心虛膽怯的表現.....英 文 要 如 何 翻 呀 ?

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  • 2 0 年前


    According to comments made by Hong Kong media: The detention of Ching Cheong reflects the timidity mentality of Chinese authorities.

    相關原文報導如下,裡面提到程翔的英文名字是Ching Cheong 。

    ......China continues to crack down on the media.

    The Chinese government says a Hong Kong reporter jailed for more than a month in Beijing has confessed to spying. But free press and human rights advocates question the government's charges.

    Foreign Ministry spokesman Kong Quan said on Tuesday that Ching Cheong, a veteran reporter with the Singapore newspaper The Straits Times, admitted to the charges while in detention over the past several weeks.....

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