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keeping fit

keeping fit

各位大大可以幫我想想關於keeping fit的對話腳本ㄇ AB兩角色

共十四句 不才悌求

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  • 2 0 年前

    Dick: Hey, John, how have you been? It's been a while since I last saw you.

    John: Not too bad, still alive which is the main thing.

    Dick: You sound a bit down, what's wrong?

    John: I gain a lot of weight and my girl friend is leaving me.

    Dick: Why not join the gym with me? We can try to keep fit together. It is easier to keep fit if you have a training partner.

    John: Gym??? Well, I am not so sure. I mean, when is my last visit to the's like never..

    Dick: Come on, John. Never say never. See me after work today at my palce and I will take you to my gym have a look.

    John: Well, I guess that won't kill me. Sure. See you then.

    Dick: Ok, John. See you at 6.

    John: By the way, do I have to bring anything??

    Dick: Wear your trainer just in case.

    John: Oh man, I will have to get one first.

    Dick: You do that and I will see you later.

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