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1.應該 因為兇嫌造成家庭的破碎與該廠商的聲譽受損  所以 要判死刑來告誡其他想犯罪的有心人2.不應該  因為死刑根本不能讓嫌犯體會其痛苦  而要判無期徒刑來折磨他  讓他了解犯了重罪的代價雨痛苦3.我會先祝福得獎? 然後微笑下臺我會先注意聽得獎人的名字  之後再詢問身旁的人 確定後再上台領獎4.我會當作要上去祝福他  跟他一起分享這份喜悅我會覺得很抱歉  因為報紙會大肆報導  這樣多少會影響他的形象

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  • 石川
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    1.Yes. The convict broke several families and sabotaged the company's reputation badly, so only a death penalty would set an example to others who wished to commit the crime.

    2.No. Death penalty couldn't make the convict realize the pain that he imposed on others, so the sentence should be life imprisonment, to torture him, and to make him understand the price of commiting a felony.



    3.I would first give my blessings to the prizewinner, and then step down from the stage.

    I would first listen for the prizewinner's name carefully, and then go on the stage to take the prize only after confirming it with the people around.

    4.I would take it as I was going to give him my blessings, and to share the joy with him.

    I would feel deeply sorry because the medias are surely going to talk all about it, and it would more or less affect his image.


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  • 匿名使用者
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    1.Should Dislike fiercelying causes the brokenness and reputation of this manufacturer of the family damaged Sentence to death and warn other persons who is ambitious or tenacious of purpose who want to commit crime

    2.Should not Because death penalty does not make the suspect realize its agony at all And should sentence the life imprisonment to torment him Let him understand that the cost rain agony of felony is made

    3. Will I bless and win the prize first ? Then I will listen to the prize-winner's name carefully first in smiling leave from office Later inquired the person by the body again Appear on the stage and receive the award after confirming

    4. I will regard as going up and blessing him Sharing this with him , one is happy I will feel very sorry Because the newspaper will be reported without restraint So will influence his image more or less

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  • 匿名使用者
    2 0 年前

    我可以感覺到有翻譯機的存在 = =+ 很微妙的感覺

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  • 2 0 年前

    1.Should because ominously disliked creates the family breaking with

    this merchant prestige to suffer injury therefore must sentence the

    death penalty to warn other think the crime person with high


    2.Should not because the death penalty simply could not let the suspect

    realize its pain but to have to sentence the life imprisonment to

    suffer him to let his 解犯 grave offense the price rain pain

    3.I can first pray for heavenly blessing reward? Then the smile leaves office

    After I can first pay attention listens to prize winner's name

    again inquired nearby the body the person after determined comes on

    stage again receives an award

    4.I can treat as must come up pray for heavenly blessing him to share

    this joy together with him

    I can think was sorry very much because the newspaper can

    wantonly report like this how many can affect his image

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