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Applications of CPX to exercise training

One of the recommended applications of CPX from the aforementioned guidelines is to help establish the exercise prescription. The direct physiologic response to the exercise test permits a more precise target exercise intensity during rehabilitation. CPX responses can be used to optimize exercise programming considering symptoms of dyspnea the AT and other gas exchange responses. Ventilatory abnormalities during exercise described above have been used to better quantify the response to, and mechanisms to explain, improved function capabilities after training particularly among patients with CHF. An increase in VO2,at the AT after periods of rehabilitation has been described by many investigators(12,17,22,29,32,49,50), and this response has been associated with a lessening or dyspnea and perceived effort at matched submaximal levels (12.29).A number of studies in recent years have demonstrated a steeper VO2 work rate relationship, a reduction in the VE/VCO2 slope, or both, after exercise training ,indicating better cardiovascular , ventilatory, and gas exchange efficiency. Several, but not ail.

studies have demonstrated higher submaximal and maximal cardiac output responses to exercise after training in CHF (17,29,48). The higher cardiac output response have been associated with reductions in VD/VT (29),,suggesting better ventialion perfusion matching,in part explaining more efficient ventilation

in response to exercise.

For patients with pulmonary disease.non-invasive measurement of arterial oxygen saturation is now available on metabolic systems, and this measurement can provide an evaluation of exercise intensities associated with desaturation,in addition to assessing the need for supplemental oxygen .In patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) training programs have been shown to improve resting pulmonary function.symptoms of dyspnea , peak VO2 and the VE/VCO2 slope, all

of which can easily be quantified with modern metabolic systems[1,20],In patients with more severe forms of COPD,various ventilatory muscle training techniques, including ventilatory muscle strength and endurance training.flow resistive breathing

training.positive pressure breathing.and other breathing techniques have shown mixed results but there is evidence of improved ventilatory responses to exercise in addition to improved maximal sustainable ventilatory capacity, ventilatory muscle

endurance ,and resting pulmonary function following training(2O),there are a number of CPX parameters that are useful in gauging the efficacy of training.First as mentioned above peak VO2 not Only provides the most accurate measure of a change in exercise capacity, but it also has been shown to be superior to other clinical, hemodynamic, and exercise variables in stratifying risk, particularly for patients with CHF [34]. Improvements in peak VO2 and other ventilacory responses after training have paralleled improved clinical outcomes in both cardiovascular and pulmonary disease []. Second, the AT increases with training and represents a submaximal measure that some consider a better reflection of a patient’s ability to perform daily activities. In addition, other CPX variables, notably the V E/VCO2 slope and VO2 kinetics, have gained interest as both functional and prognostic markers that respond favorably to training [29].



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    CPX 的應用行使訓練

    CPX 的被推薦的應用的當中一個從上述的指南將幫助建立鍛煉處方。 對鍛煉測試的直接生理學反應允許一種更加精確的目標鍛煉強度在修復期間。 CPX 反應可能使用優選鍛煉編程考慮呼吸困難在和其它氣體交換反應症狀。 通風的反常性在鍛煉期間被描述上面使用更好定量反應對, 並且機制解釋, 改善的作用能力在訓練特別在患者之中以後與CHF 。 在VO2 的增量,在在在修復以後的期間由許多investigators(12,17,22,29,32,49,50) 描述了, 並且這個反應同變小或呼吸困難和被察覺的努力在被匹配的submaximal 水平聯繫在一起(12.29) 。一定數量的研究近年來展示了一個更加陡峭的VO2 生產率關係, 對VE/ 的減少VCO2 傾斜, 或兩個, 在鍛煉訓練以後,表明更好心血管, 通風, 並且氣體交換效率。 數, 但不痛苦。

    研究展示了更高的submaximal 和最大的心輸出量對於訓練反應在訓練在CHF 以後(17,29,48) 。 更高的心輸出量反應同對VD/ 的減少聯繫在一起VT (29),4A.Asuggesting 更好的ventialion 灌注matching4A.Ain 零件解釋更加高效率的透氣


    為有動脈氧氣的肺disease4A.Dnon 蔓延性測量病人飽和現在是可利用的在新陳代謝的系統, 並且這次測量可能提供鍛煉強度的評估與相關desaturation4A.Ain 加法對估計對補充氧氣的需要。在有慢性阻礙肺病病人(COPD) 訓練計劃被顯示改進呼吸困難休息的肺function4A.Dsymptoms, 峰頂VO2 和VE/VCO2 傾斜, 所有

    哪些可能容易地被定量與現代新陳代謝的systems[1,20 ],在有COPD4A.Avarious 通風的肌肉訓練技術的更加嚴厲的形式病人, 包括通風的肌肉力量和耐力training4A.Dflow 抗拒呼吸

    training4A.Dpositive 壓力breathing4A.Dand 其它呼吸的技術顯示了混雜的結果但有改善的通風的對於的證據訓練反應除改善的最大的能承受的通風的容量之外, 通風的肌肉

    耐力,並且休息的肺作用跟隨training(2.O),有像被提及在峰頂之上VO2 不僅提供一個變化的最準確的措施在鍛煉容量上是有用的在測量training4A.DFirst 效力的一定數量的CPX 參量, 但它並且證明是優越在其它臨床, 血液動力學, 並且鍛煉可變物在層化的風險, 特別為患者與CHF [ 34 ] 。 在峰頂的改善VO2 和其它ventilacory 反應在訓練以後平行了改善的臨床結果在心血管和肺病[ ] 。 其次, 在增量以訓練和代表一個submaximal 措施那一些考慮patient4A.4A.s 能力更好的反射執行每日活動。 另外, 其它CPX 可變物, 著名V E/VCO2 傾斜和VO2 動能學, 作為有利地反應訓練的功能和預斷標誌獲取了興趣[ 29 ] 。

    參考資料: 翻譯的唷~~先跟你說嚕
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