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1. telephone number

2. backpack

3. book

4. watch

5. eraser

6. ruler

7. ring

8. cousin

9. those

10. friendship

11. sofa

12. baseball

13. alarm clock

14. dresser

15. hat

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    1. Please tell me your telephone number.2. I use to put some food in my backpack.3. I like this book very much.4. I'm watching TV.5. Please use the eraser.6. I forgot where I put my ruler. 7. The bell always rings when I come in.8. I will meet my cousin tomorrow.9. Those students are all my classmates.10. Friendship is always important.11. I love to sit on the sofa. 12. I want to play baseball.13. I forgat to bring the alarm clock.14. She's a dresser.15. Please give me a hat.

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    1. telephone number--

    I gave her my new telephone number since I moved to my new place.

    2. backpack--

    I like my Porter backpack because it's large enough to put all my stuff for the three-day trip to Hong Kong.

    3. book--

    I like to read books in my lesiure time.

    4. watch--

    (n.) My mom bought me a new watch from SEIKO as a birthday gift.

    (v.) We are going to watch the baseball game after school.

    5. eraser--

    My teacher gave me a new eraser for my birthday present.

    6. ruler--

    We use ruler to draw straight lines.

    7. ring--

    (n.) My fiancee just bought me an engagement ring for Tiffany.

    (v.) The phone is ringing. Please go to pick it up.

    8. cousin --

    My cousin just got married in the middle of March this year.

    9. those --

    Those shoes are all my collections for years.

    10. friendship--

    I told May that we will keep our friendship no matter how old we are.

    11. sofa--

    We just bought a set of new sofa after the floods.

    12. baseball--

    Which team is your favorite baseball team, Jimmy?

    13. alarm clock--

    I pressed my alarm clock last night, so I was late for school today.

    14. dresser--

    My grandmother has an antique dresser in her room since she married my grandfather.

    15. hat--

    My mom sent me a Rex Socks baseball hat from Boston last month.

    Hope it helps!

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