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Aggressive vs Ambition

What is different between Aggressive and Ambition ? Example.

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    aggressive describes a very "active state of attitude" on doing something.

    for example: as a green hand in this company, you have to be very aggressive in learning lots of things because you can barely expect someone will patiently give you a hand.

    ambition means an "eager or strong desire to achieve something", such as fame or power.

    for example: i always encourage young men to build up a big ambition for their future. and bravely go for it.

    and of course, we can also use these 2 words in a sentence like this....

    "i have to tell you that your ambition won't be realized if you can't ask yourself to take very aggressive execution."

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    yoimax 是正確的

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    Aggressive 是形容詞

    Ambition 是名詞

    Someone with ambition is not necessarily aggressive.

    An aggressive person most likely has ambition.

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