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figure ?

what is " figure " mean ?

can you guys give me some example ?

and what is " go figure " ?

thank you !!

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    figure 找出答案


    Can you figure out what does the word "figure" mean?


    go figure 自己去找出答案 自己解決 原來如此 問題不是白問的意思


    A: Do you know why my fish died on me?


    B: Did you feed your fish?


    A: No.


    B: Go figure...


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    Just to figure out that no one would call

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    as a noun, figure has lots of meanings, see the following,

    1. A written or printed symbol representing something other than a letter, especially a number.

    ex: you better tell me where you quoted these figures for your statistic analysis of essay!

    2. a type of skating

    ex: Michelle Kwan is well-known as many times of national championship of figure-skating.

    3. The shape or form of a human body.

    ex: oh my goodness, your figure is damn hot!

    as a verb, here are the examples:

    1. To calculate with numbers.

    ex: i need a breakdown cost structure to figure out the portion of each component.

    2. to conclude, believe, or predict

    ex: I never figured that this would happen.

    3. to get an idea of something

    ex: i can't figure out why she resigned this job without a word left.

    by the way, "go figure" is pretty much the same as "figure" but just emphasize an active moving on figuring something. for example,

    i order you guys to go figuring out the root cause of the failure of the network and submit me a report before this noon!!

    參考資料: myself and dictionary
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    figure 是指在印刷成或手繪的圖案. 如body figure人的體態. She has a beautiful body figure.它的用法很廣.尤其在美術上.

    用在數學上, 指某人很會算數字 He is good at figure.

    Go figure 是go figure out 的簡化 意思是自己想一想找答案去 這是一個很好的網站. 回答各類的問題

    參考資料: 自己
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