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 本研究中採用三維有限元素鋪面結構為分析模式,探討A-7-5凝聚性路基土壤在不同含水量、非均佈荷重、材料非線性、覆土應力對鋪面的影響。本研究續用前人已將輪胎模型模擬成輪胎與鋪面表面的接觸應力條件下,再針對材料非線性以及覆土應力在路基土壤不同含水量作用下,分析不同打氣胎壓與單軸雙輪載重作用下鋪面的反應,分析結果著重在車轍與疲勞破壞的應變參數,依序為最大垂直壓應變與最大水平張應變,分別發生在兩輪中心下隨深度變化和輪胎邊緣處隨深度變化,此兩種應變值決定鋪面績效,並由黃琇雯之研究作進一步之分析,比較路基土壤含水量變化下鋪面之影響。在鋪面績效評估方面,應用於AI設計方法之車轍及疲勞龜裂模式理論,針對不同含水量作用下之斷面進行鋪面破壞分析。由分析結果顯示,鋪面的車轍與疲勞破壞的嚴重性與重車的高胎壓、高軸重、含水量有關,所以非均佈載重與材料非線性模式應較能夠模擬出真實鋪面反應。以上請翻譯為英文..謝謝 感恩

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    This research in adopt three-dimensional finite element's pavements structure for analyze mode, inquire into A- 7-5 coherent's roadbeds soil at different water content, will not average bu loading, material nonlinearity, cover earth stress to pavement de affection. This research continue use forefathers already will tyre's model mold draw up become tyre with under pavement's superficial contact stress' condition, again direct to material nonlinearity and cover earth stress under roadbed's soil's different water content's effect, analyze different encourage fetus press with uniaxial's dual wheel load's effect's lower berth's microbus reaction, analyze result emphasize with fatigue failure de adapt to change parameter at groove, depend on order is biggest plumb press adapt to change and biggest level's piece of adaption, difference take place follow depth change and tyre's brim place as depth change under two rings centers, this two kind of adapt to change worth decide pavement's performance, and by yellow xiu wen zhi will research do furthur zhi analysis, compare roadbed's soil moisture content change under pavement zhi affection. At pavement's performance evaluation's aspect, should be used for AI design method zhi groove and tired chap mode theory, direct to section proceed pavement breakage analysis under different water content's effect. By analyze result show, pavement de groove with fatigue failure de severity with loaded car de high fetus press, high axes heavy, water content relevance, so not average bu load with material's nonlinearity mode should compare be able to mold draw up come out real pavement reaction.

    Above please translate for English. .thanks thanksgiving

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    In this research uses the three dimensional limited element store front structure is the analysis pattern, discusses the A-7-5 condensation roadbed soil in the different water content, the non- uniform load, the material non-linearity, turns the soil the stress to the store front influence. This research continues with the predecessor has simulated the tire model the tire and under the store front surface contact stress condition, again aims at the material non-linearity as well as turns the soil the stress under the roadbed soil different water content function, the analysis differently hits the tire to press with the single axle double round application of load under the store front response, the analysis result emphatically in the wheel rut and the weary destruction strain parameter, in order open the strain for the most greatly vertical pressure strain with the maximum level, separately occurs under two turns of centers along with the depth change and the tire edge along with the depth change, this two kind of strains value decided the store front achievements, and make further the analysis research by Huang?wen, Compared with roadbed soil moisture content change under influence store front. In the store front achievements appraisal aspect, applies wheel rut of and the weary chap pattern theory to the AI design method, the cross section carries on the store front destruction analysis in view of the different water content function under. Demonstrated by the analysis result, store front wheel rut and weary destruction gravity and car or machine with load Gao T'aiya, Gao Chouzhong, water content related, therefore the non- balanced load and the material non-linear pattern should comparatively be able to simulate the real store front response.

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