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Due to a medical misdiagnosis she had been rendered sightness,and she was suddenly thrown into a world of darkness,anger,frustration and self-pity.

Once a fierceiy independent woman,Susan now felt condemned by this terrible twist of fate to become a powerless,helpless burden on everyone around her.

“How could this have happened to me?”she would plead,her heart knotted with anger.

But no matter how much she cried or ranted or prayed,she knew the painful truth-her sight was never going to return.

A cloud of depression hung over Susan is once optimistic spirit.

Just getting through each day was an exercise in frustration and exhaustion.

And all she had to cling to was her husband Mark.

Mark was an Air Force officer and he loved Susan with all of his heart.

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    由於一醫療misdiagnosis 她是她突然被投擲入darkness.Aanger.Afrustration 和自憐世界的被回報的sightness.Aand 。一次一床fierceiy 獨立woman.ASusan 現在毛氈由命運這可怕的轉彎譴責成為powerless.Ahelpless 負擔在大家在她的..How 附近能這發生在me.H..she 會plead.Aher 心臟被打結充滿憤怒。但無論她哭泣或咆哮或prayed.Ashe 知道痛苦真相她視域從未打算返回。消沉雲彩垂懸在蘇珊是一次樂觀精神。得到通過□天是一鍛煉在失望和精疲力盡。並且所有她必須緊貼對是她的丈夫標記。標記是空軍軍官並且他愛蘇珊與所有他的心臟。


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    拜託== 這種用翻譯機點出來的好亂喔