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請求英文翻譯(很重要 拜託)20點




一陣子不見了 我真的很想你們

感謝你們對我做的一切 真的讓我改變許多


雖然受洗那天你們沒有到場 有點讓我失望

不過還是順利的完成洗禮了 自己也順利成為教友

只不過最近好像又開始迷失了方向 有時會好一些 有時就失落感很重

不曉得自己該怎麼做 好疲憊 好累



不曉得自己在難過什麼 唉 有時就是覺得很孤寂

自己目前的狀態 有點像是脫離著上帝的話語了

好累好累 懶得做一切事情~

很抱歉 寫給你們的信居然不是講我自己很快樂的事~



我很愛你們 也希望你們加油 繼續的將美好的福音傳達給更多需要被幫助的人們

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    1 0 年前

    Dear OOO:It’s been a long time since we said good bye. I miss you all dearly. I really appreciate for your assistance and it had big great influence on me. I enjoy recalling all the events in the past two months.I was disappointed for your absent at my baptism. However, it went well and now I am a Christian. Without your guidance, from time to time, I felt disoriented. I felt exhausted and not sure what to do. I hope to gain strength as you have prayed for me. I felt lonely and sorry and not sure why. I feel far away from God. Feeling tired and doing nothing is my state of mind now. Sorry I cannot write anything enthusiastic in this letter. I know I will overcome just like others. I love you sincerely, God bless, wish you the best and spread the gospel to the ones who need it.

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  • 匿名使用者
    1 0 年前

    Dear OOO,

    haven't seen you guys for quite a while. I really miss you all!

    Thank you for everything that you have done for me. You have indeed changed me profoundly. Sometimes I can't stop thinking back to the things that took place in these few months. (they were fun times!)

    Even though you were no-show on the day of my baptism, and I was somewhat disappointed, the ceremony went well and I've successfully become a Christian. However, I seem to be again losing my direction for life lately. Sometimes I do just fine, yet sometimes I feel extremely depressed.

    I don't know what to do. I feel so tired. I'd like to see myself being tougher and stronger, and I know that's how you want me to be. I have no clue what I have been feeling sad for. Sigh, sometimes I just feel so lonely. My condition so far seems to be going off track of God's words. I am so exhausted... I don't feel enthusiatic towards anything at this moment.

    I apoligize for writing about such matters that are even unpleasant to I myself. I certainly know the fact that everyone would be confronted by many obsticles, and I hope that I can go through my hard time without a hitch.

    I really love you all, and I hope you the best luck on spreading wonderful Gospels to more people who are in need.

    2005-07-16 04:21:07 補充:

    第一位翻得很不錯 如果把I was disappointed for your absent 改成abesnce, 還有 I felt lonely and sorry and not sure why.改成 I elt lonely and sorry and "am" not sure why. 潤飾一下grammar errors 就更棒了^^

    參考資料: me... hope it helps :)
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