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    take a bath 洗澡

    She is taking a bath.


    take a rest / take a break 休息一下

    Let's take a rest.


    take a chance 冒險

    We will take a chance with the weather and go for a picnic.


    take a look at 看看

    Do you want to take a look at my pictures?


    take a pride in 以...自豪

    She took great pride in the success of her three children.


    take a rap 受擊

    He took a bad rap on the head when he fell.


    take a risk 冒險

    I have to take a lot of risks in my job.


    take a seat坐下

    Won't you take a seat?


    take a shower 做淋浴

    Peter is taking a shower.


    take a shortcut 抄近路

    Let's take a shortcut. 我們抄近路吧!

    take a walk 散步

    I like to take a walk after dinner.


    take a nap 小睡片刻

    Mom is taking a nap now.



    make a face 做鬼臉

    He made a face at the taste of the soup.


    make a fire 生火

    They made a fire to prepare for supper.


    make a fool of someone 愚弄某人

    Jane always makes a fool of her younger brother.


    make a fool of oneself 出醜

    He made a fool of himself.


    make a fortune 發跡,致富,發財

    He made a fortune in his youth.


    make a fuss of 嬌養;過分體貼

    His mother makes a fuss of him every time he comes home.


    make a hash of 把...弄糟

    You've made a terrible hash of that painting.


    make a hit 成功

    She likes you. You've made a hit.


    make a hole in 大量耗費

    The hospital bills made a hole in his savings.


    make a joke 開玩笑

    She was fond of making a joke.


    make a match 結婚

    They decided to make a match of it.


    make a mess of 把...弄糟

    He made a mess of his essay, and received very low marks.


    make a mistake犯錯誤

    He made a mistake about the time.


    make a mockery of 使成為徒勞

    His failure made a mockery of the teacher's great efforts to help him.


    make a mountain out of a molehill 小題大作

    I'm sure she'll give you the money back, so there's no need to start making a mountain out of a molehill.


    make a move 採取行動

    Neither side is willing to make a move.


    make a muddle of 把...弄得一團糟

    You have made a muddle of it.


    make a name 成名;得到名聲

    She has made a name for herself as a singer.


    make a noise 為引人注意而高聲談論或抱怨

    make a noise about sth. 抱怨某事

    He made a noise to the manager about the bad service at the hotel.


    make a noise in the world 名噪一時

    He was eager to make a noise in the world.


    make a note of 把...記下來

    The secretary made a note of what her boss had asked her to do.


    make a parade of 炫耀

    He is always ready to make a parade of his abilities.


    make a pig of oneself 大吃大喝;吃喝過多

    The child made a pig of himself at dinner and now feels very sick.


    make a pile 發財

    He has already made his pile.


    make a point of doing 特別注意做;重視做

    She made a point of sending a birthday present to her best friend.


    make a practice of 經常進行;習慣於

    The boy has made a practice of cheating at examinations.


    make a shift with 盡力設法應付

    He had to make shift with what was on hand.


    make a spectacle of oneself 出洋相

    She wasn't going to make a spectacle of herself by bursting into tears in the street.


    make a splash 引起轟動

    The princess made quite a splash in Australia.


    make a stand

    1. 進行抵抗

    The army made a stand against the fierce attack.


    2. 停下

    They made a stand and took a rest.


    make a stranger of 冷淡地對待,不把...當作人

    He made a stranger of Tom.


    make a study of 研究;探索

    They are making a study of the causes of a depression.


    make a thing of 把...看得太重

    make a visit to 參觀;訪問

    Let's pay a visit to the exhibition this weekend.


    參考資料: myself &字典
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    take a stand 表態

    參考來源: 奇摩譯點通電子報

    2005-10-18 13:54:09 補充:

    take a stand against 採取某種立場反對

    take a stand for 採取某種立場支持…

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    take a bath 洗澡 take a chance 冒險

    take a clean pair of heels 逃走 take a dislike to 開始討厭

    take a fancy to 愛上 take a grip on oneself 控制住自己

    take a look at 看一看 take a pleasure in 以...為樂;喜歡

    take a pride in 以...自豪 take a rap 受擊

    take a risk 冒險 take a seat 坐下

    take a shine to 【美】【俚】喜歡 take a shortcut 抄近路

    take a shower 做淋浴 take a walk 散步

    take aback 使震驚 take account of 考慮到;體諒

    take action 採取行動 提出訴訟 開始起作用

    take advantage of 利用 欺騙;佔...的便宜

    take after 像;與...相似 take against 反對;不喜歡

    take alarm at 因...而驚恐 take apart 拆卸,拆開

    take as read 對...表示肯定 take away 帶走;拿走

    take away from 使離開(某地或受託照顧的人)/(從...手裡)拿走,除掉

    take back 拿回;收回

    take by storm 攻佔;強奪 使神魂顛倒;完全征服(觀眾)

    take by surprise 使吃驚 take care 小心;注意

    take care of 照顧;注意 處理 take charge 掌管

    take charge of 開始管理,接管 take cognizance of 察覺

    take control of 掌管 take count of 計...的數

    take cover 隱蔽 take delight in 樂於,喜好

    take down 寫下;記下 (使)病倒 take effect 見效;生效

    take exception against / take exception to 反對 對...生氣;對...不滿

    take exercise 做運動 take fright 受驚嚇

    take five 【俚】休息幾分鐘,休息一下

    take for 認為 take in good part 很樂意地接受;不因...見怪

    take from 減少;降低 take in 讓...進入;接受 改小;改短

    take in hand 控制 take-over 接管;接收;接任

    take in one's stride 輕易地解決;從容處理

    take into account 考慮到;體諒

    take into consideration 考慮到

    take it easy 不緊張,從容,不急 鬆懈,懶散

    take it into one's head 突然想到 take leave of 向...告辭

    take lessons in (上課,找老師)學習... take liberties 過於隨便;過分親暱

    take medicine 服藥 take note of 注意

    take notes 記筆記 take notice of 注意到 關注;理會

    take off 脫下;移去 起飛 休假 take off the gloves 強硬起來

    take offense at (因...)發怒;生氣 take on 穿上;呈現 承擔

    take on oneself 承擔 take one's chance 碰運氣;準備冒險

    take one's choice 作出選擇 take one's course 順其發展;聽其自然

    take one's leave of sb. 向某人告別

    take one's hat off to 向某人(脫帽)致敬 表示讚賞(或欽佩)

    take one's own life 自殺

    take one's medicine 做不喜歡的事;受到懲罰

    take one's pick 由自己挑選 take one's place 準備好;各就各位

    take one's seat 就座 take one's time 從容進行;不著急

    take oneself off 走開

    take one's turn 等候輪流到自己的時機,次序,機會

    take out 取出 扣除;除去 帶...出去

    take out in sth. 以某物抵充

    take out on sb. 對某人發洩 take over 接管

    take pains 盡力;費苦心 take part in 參加

    take pity on 憐憫 take place 發生;舉行

    take possession of 佔領;佔有 take precedence of 優先於;地位高於

    take precedence over 優先於;地位高於

    take pride in 對...感到自豪,以...為光榮

    take refuge 避難;躲避 take refuge in 避難(於)

    take risks 冒險 take sb. at his word 相信某人說的是真話

    take sb. for a ride 欺騙某人 take sb. into custody 拘捕某人

    take sb. to task 責備某人 take sb.'s life 殺死某人

    take sb.'s part 與某人站在一邊;支持某人

    take shape 成形;體現 take sth. amiss 因某事而見怪

    take shelter 避難 take sick 生病

    take sides 偏袒 take sides with 袒護...

    take someone for 錯認某人為... take steps 採取步驟(或措施)

    take sth. hard 因某事而不快;因某事而耿耿於懷

    take sth. to pieces 把某物拆開 take stock 盤貨 評估狀況

    take stock in 相信 take stock of 對...做出判斷

    take the air 在戶外散步 take the bloom off 使喪失精華;使陳舊

    take the bull by the horns 不畏艱險 take the chair 主持開會

    take the consequences 承擔後果 take the field 上陣;開戰

    take the gauge of 估計

    take the floor (在舞池)起步跳舞 (在辯論中)發言

    take the initiative 採取主動 take the lead 帶頭

    take the lid off 揭露...的真相 take the mickey 嘲弄

    take the place of 代替 take the plunge 冒險嘗試

    take the rap 受斥責 take things easy 別著急

    take thought for 對...擔心;對...惦念

    take to 開始從事 喜歡 take to one's bed 臥病

    take to heart 認真關注 對... 想不開 take to one's legs 逃跑

    take turns 輪流 take-away (飯食)外帶的;(餐廳)供應外帶

    take up for 支持;站在...一邊 take up the gauntlet 應戰

    take up with 開始與...交往 take upon oneself 承擔

    take wings 飛走 take-home pay 實得薪水

    take-in 欺騙 account 考慮到...

    take-off 起跳(點);起飛;發射 出發點

    take-no-prisoners 全心地積極或富有攻擊性的

    take-out (飯食)外賣的;(餐廳)供應外賣食物的

    take-up 拿起;抬起;舉起 拉緊;收緊;捲緊


    make a clean breast of 全盤托出

    make a complaint against 控告

    make a convenience of sb. 利用某人

    make a face 做鬼臉

    make a fire 生火

    make a fool of 愚弄;欺騙

    make a fool of oneself 出醜

    make a fool of sb. 愚弄某人

    make a fortune 發跡

    make a fuss 大驚小怪;誇大地活動 不斷抱怨

    make a fuss of 嬌養 過分體貼

    make a good thing of 從...中獲得好處

    make a joke 開玩笑

    make a match 結婚

    make a mess of 把...弄糟

    make a mistake 犯錯誤

    make a monkey of 【口】開玩笑; 取笑

    make a move 採取行動

    make a noise 為引人注意而高聲談論或抱怨

    make a noise in the world 名噪一時

    make a note of 把...記下來

    make a pig of oneself 大吃大喝 吃喝過多

    make a pile 發財

    make a point of 把...視為,說成必要的

    make a point of doing 特別注意做;重視做

    make a practice of 經常進行 習慣於

    make a splash 【口】引起轟動

    make a stand 進行抵抗 停下

    make a stranger of 冷淡地對待

    make a study of 研究;探索

    make a thing of 把...看得太重

    make a visit to 參觀;訪問

    make allowances for 考慮到;體諒

    make amends 賠罪;賠償

    make amends for 賠償...損失

    make an agreement with 與...達成協議

    make an example of 懲罰...以儆戒他人

    make as if to 裝作要

    make away 急忙離開

    make away with 殺;偷 除去,除掉 吃光

    make believe 假裝

    make certain 弄確實

    make clear 解釋清楚 顯示

    make contact with 與...聯繫

    make do with (以...)勉強過日子 (以有...)為

    make faces 扮鬼臉

    make for 向...去;衝向,攻打

    make free with 隨意使用

    make friends 交朋友

    make fun of 取笑

    make good 達成(目的) 賠償損失 履行(諾言等)

    make great strides 獲得很大的進步

    make haste 趕快行動

    make hay of 使混亂

    make head or tail of 理解

    make history 名垂史冊

    make it 成功;做或完成某事 趕上

    make it up to (為某事)對...作補償

    make it worth sb.'s while 酬謝某人

    make land 到岸

    make light of 輕視;對...不在乎

    make like 【口】模仿;裝做是(某人,物)

    make mention of 提及

    make merry 盡情歡樂

    make mincemeat of 【俚】徹底擊潰 (某人)

    make mischief 挑撥離間

    make money 賺錢

    make much of 器重;對...作高評價

    make no difference 沒有關係;沒什麼影響

    make no stranger of 親熱地對待

    make nothing of 不了解(用於能或不能) 不在意(危險,事

    make of 以...為材料製成 了解(多用於問句,否

    make off 走開;逃掉

    make off with 偷竊

    make one's choice 作出選擇

    make one's excuses 表示歉意

    make one's exit 退出

    make one's mark 使自己出名

    make one's pile 發財

    make one's point 證明(某事,意見)真實

    make one's round 巡視;巡迴

    make one's rounds 巡視

    make one's way 成功

    make oneself scarce 離開;溜走

    make oneself understood 表達自己的意思

    make or break 造成...的成功或失敗

    make or buy decision 外購或自制決策

    make out 了解;進展 開寫(如支票) 清楚地看見

    make over 轉讓 改變

    make peace with 與...講和 與...解決紛爭

    make place for 為...騰出地方 讓位給

    make preparations for 為...作準備

    make ready 準備好

    make representations 提出抗議

    make room for 讓出地方給;讓路給

    make sb. sick 使某人極感不快

    make sb. turn in his grave 使某人在九泉之下大為震驚

    make sb.'s flesh crawl 令某人毛骨悚然

    make sb.'s flesh creep 令某人毛骨悚然

    make sense 使人懂 合理 有意義 可被了解

    make sense of 理解

    make short work of 迅速幹掉,迅速解決

    make sport of 開...的玩笑

    make sure 確定;查明

    make talk 閒談;無話找話

    make tea 泡茶

    make terms 達成協議

    make the bed 鋪床

    make the best of 充分利用

    make the feathers fly 引起騷動(或爭鬥)

    make the grade 【口】達到標準

    make the most of 善加利用 十分重視

    make time 騰出時間

    make up 組合,構成 補充缺乏使之完成 (演劇)作

    make up for 填補 賠償

    make up one's mind 下決心

    make up to 接近 巴結,奉承;向(女子)求愛

    make use of 利用;使用

    make waves 【美】【口】興風作浪

    make way 讓路

    make way for 讓路;為...開路

    make-believe 假裝 假扮者 假裝的 虛幻的

    make-do 代用品 代用的

    make-or-break 孤注一擲的

    make-peace 【罕】和事佬

    make-up 構成;構造[C][U] 性格;氣質;體質

    make-work (目的在打發時間但不一定有成果的)防止空

    make...over 翻新

    參考資料: 奇摩字典 牛津辭典
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    這些是我知道的 我按照字母排列給你

    take a look at 看依下 看一眼

    take a photograph of 趙依張...的相片

    take a rest休息一下

    take a walk散步

    take along 隨身帶著...;帶著...一起

    take an action採取行動

    take an interest in對...感興趣

    take away拿走;離開 surprise使...吃驚;突襲

    ex: the publication of such as article didnt take me by surprise.

    take care of 小心;照顧

    take charge (of) 掌管,負責

    take down取下來 記下來

    take excrise 鍛鍊;運動

    take heart古起勇氣;受到鼓歷

    take hold of抓住

    take one's arm抱著

    ex:taking her child in her arms, she tried to get on the bus.

    take it easy放心;放輕鬆

    take medicine吃藥


    ex,she was shouting at me in the street, dont take any notice.

    take off脫掉

    take one's time慢慢來

    take out拿出來

    take part in參加

    take possession of 佔有 擁有

    take pride in 對 ...感到自豪

    take the place of 代替

    take turns 輪流


    make a decision做決定

    make a fire生火

    make a mistake犯錯

    make a noise吵鬧 發出聲音

    make a plan for 為...作計畫

    make a promise 答應

    make a record 錄製

    make a speech演講

    make an effort努力

    make ends meet平衡

    make faces做鬼臉

    make friends with 交朋友

    make fun of取笑

    make progress進步

    make sense合理

    make sure確定

    make up,化妝,何好

    make up one's mind下定決新

    make use of使用 利用


    參考資料: myself
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