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a question about backpacking

What is "backpacking"?

Please explain it in details~~~~~~~~~~~~

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    backpacking (wilderness)


    Backpacking in Carpathian Mountains, PolandBackpacking (also tramping or trekking in some countries) is the complete combination of hiking and camping. It is usually done for recreation, to explore a place that the backpacker considers beautiful and fascinating. A backpacker camps in one place, then packs all of his or her gear into a backpack and hikes off to a different location. This gear must include food, water, and shelter, or the means to obtain them, but very little else, and often in a more compact and simpler form than one would use for stationary camping.The main advantage of backpacking over day hiking is that it allows the hiker to see remote areas, almost entirely devoid of people or their effects, that are otherwise inaccessible. The main disadvantages are that the encumbrance of the backpack itself substantially reduces the hiking pace, so that less ground can be covered in a day, that the backpack is something of a nuisance and a distraction to enjoying the scenery, and that camp chores use up a considerable amount of time every day.Many backpacking trips last just a weekend (one or two nights), but long-distance expeditions may last weeks or months, sometimes aided by prearranged food and supply drops.Backpacking camps are more spartan than ordinary camps. In areas subject to a regular traffic of backpackers, a hike-in camp might have a fire ring and a small wooden bulletin board with a map and some warning or information signs, but many hike-in camps are no more than level patches of ground without scrub or underbrush. In truly desolate areas, firmly established camps do not exist at all, and travelers pitch their tents wherever they please.In some places, backpackers have the option of lodging more substantial than their tents. In the more remote parts of Great Britain, bothies exist to provide simple (free) accommodation for backpackers. Mountain huts provide similar accommodation in other countries, though one must usually join an organisation to make use of their facilities.The Scouting movement has traditionally been very involved in backpacking.