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請幫忙修改我的中式英文 謝謝 !!!

我ㄉ好同學去美國很多年 今年她帶她ㄉ兒子回臺灣 我們一起唱歌和吃燒餅油條 那是我們很久沒有ㄉ快樂日子 謝謝他 也希望以後還有機會見到他

I think already back in USA's sweet home, for a long time no see to your mother.

In the Taipei, we have baked cake and fritters of twisted dough and went to the KTV happy sing the song. Let's have very fun a holiday, thanks !!

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  • 2 0 年前

    My good friend has been living in the US for many years, and this year, she brought her son back to Taiwan for a visit. We had a great time singing in KTV and eating the baked cake with fritters of twisted dough together. I want to thank him for the wonderful time and hope to meet him again in the future. (不曉得燒餅油條是否真的是這樣翻?? @_@)

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    2 0 年前

    My good friend who has been lived in U.S.A for many years, she brought her sun back to Taiwan this year.Then we had baked cake and fritter of twisted dough during their stay.In addition,we sang songs in the KTV happily. That's really a fun since a long time.Thanks him(Her) and also hope i will have the chance to see him(her) again in the future.



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  • 2 0 年前

    ...人家要你修改 不是叫你翻她中文...


    而且看得出來妳翻譯 沒有先後順序,只是一直照字面翻出來...