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請問你覺得有啥廣告有...? 有誰可幫忙解答這1題的? 急!

Good advertisements have one thing in common – a distinctive message. Select a print advertisement that you think demonstrates this quality and describe the advertisement and why you think it is effective.

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因為不知道怎麼寫,所以想請各位幫忙,謝謝! 最好是以全英文寫出,不然徵文也是可以! 一定要是自己的意見,不能抄襲及參考

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    □□ 請注意:print advertisement 不是放在電視廣告上那一種的。


    正文:Among numerous print advertisements that successfully delivered distinctive messages, the one put by Yahoo on local newspaper surpassed all the others.  This newspaper advertisement appeared several years ago, occupying a full page and demonstrating a panorama of a modern city.  Impressively, the signboards of Yahoo were hung on the outer walls of almost all stores and organizations.  It was indeed a very magnificent sight to see and the intended message was cleared conveyed.  Yahoo tried to present its future blueprint in which it would have become the leading service provider of the Internet.  Moreover, it attempted to convince people that it was capable of doing that.  This advertisement had no hesitation in promoting the intention of Yahoo, which then had been determined to play the role of a major gateway in the market of the Internet service in Taiwanese.  This advertisement, thus, was quite successful in terms of its effect on the general public.  The result also supported this observation.  Several months later, relevant statistics all showed that Yahoo had been on the throne in the Internet kingdom of Taiwan.以上自創作品,純屬上列主題之虛擬議論,不代表本人之實際立場。© copyright 2005 本題頁面已經存檔。若片面移除本問題,則喪失使用權。

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    I think one advertisement that shows this quality is the corona beer commercial. In the commercial, the wife asked her husband to clean the house. At first, the husband was reluctant, but then at the same time, the wife accidentally spilled some coronea beer, and the man didnt want to waste it so he licked it with his touge. Noticing this, the girl spilled the beer everywhere and the guy, like before, licked all of it and the house was totally clean. At one time, the girl poured the beer in the toiulet and it showed that the man licked that, too, leaving it very clean. the wife was totally erosed by this and wanted to pour beer over herself, however, she ran out of beer.

    hahaha it was a veyr good commercial.

    it showed that it was so good that the man would lick........a toilet and the whole bathroom

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