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能幫幫忙翻譯嗎 PLEASE~~~~


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    Because this prolongs by the poet of the woman on the gods and Buddha image of a free woman to sculpture and bundles the verse in 《 a new giant 》 of's, it is made to be impressed and having encouraged it doesn't understand the person who doesn't somewhat have freedom or the house to which it should return before is sincerely loved. It obviously shows in the public opinion poll of one United States, and the tourist is prohibited to a symbolical meaning of the United States at present after the national flag of the United States, it goes up to the gods and Buddha image of a free woman along stone steps, and it visits the gods and Buddha image of a free woman in the mind of the people in the United States. Because the people in the United States though it from is woman's free gods and Buddha image and protection against the people in the United States do not accept easily on psychology, people are expecting to return to lively, noisy, free, openhearted New York early in old times.



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    對不起 ˊˋ

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    拉扎魯斯的《新巨人》是"The New Colossus", 不是什麼"New Giant",翻譯還得花點時間查一查要翻的內容是什麼, 不要誤導別人啦

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    The poem,"The New Colossus", of Emma Lazarus was carved on the Statue of Liberty, in which touches and encourages those who fond on freedom as well as the homeless. According to a survey, the signification that the Statue of Liberty represents is only next to the American Flag. Nowadays, although it is for the protection of the Statue as well as the Americans, the forbiddance of entering the Statue makes people hardly understand. They are longing for the prosperous, free, and open New York would come back like the old days.

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    什麼 free goddess picture,唉, 別誤導.... 蛋頭先生

    以我個人在國外多年的英文程度來評斷, 小雨文翻的好啊

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    This is the carving the female poet which likes on in the free goddess

    pulls grips Lu Si "New Giant" the center verse, did not know once was

    moved and had driven how many deep loves were free or the homeless

    person. In a US public opinion poll demonstrated that, in the American

    populace's mind, the free goddess likes to US'S symbolic significance

    is only inferior to the American national flag, now forbids the

    tourist to mount the free goddess picture along the stair to carry on

    the visit. Although stemming from likes to the free goddess with the

    American populace's loving care, but the American populace actually

    with difficulty accept from the psychology, the people hoped for soon

    will return to the former days lively to make noise, free opening New


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    You are wrong as well, 自由女神像 should be = Free Goddess Picture

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    Your translation is totally wrong. 自由女神像 = Statue of Liberty.