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預防性維護(Preventive maintenance PM)長久以來公認是增加設備可靠性和可用性的方法。但就複雜如收費道路或隧道使用的設備而言,要在各組件實施PM是行不通的,要不然便是要花費高昂的維護費用。

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  • 1 0 年前

    Preventive maintenance has been treated as a method to increase the reliability and availability of equipmetns. However, for some complicate equipments that are use for toll roads or inside tunnels, it is invalid to implement PM through every part. Or the maintainance expense will be extremely high.

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  • 1 0 年前

    Preventive Maintenance(PM) has been a well known process to extend machinery's reliability and functionality for a long time.

    However, PM is not applicable to all parts of complex machines, especially when they are situated in places such as Toll Stations or in tunnels, the only other option is to spend large amounts of money on repairs.

    參考資料: I'm an interpreter for VOLVO
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  • 荁雅
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    Since Preventive maintenance PM is recognized for longtime as the method to increase the credibility and usability of facility. But to which is more complicate as the facility of chargeble path or tunnel, it is impossible to effectuate PM in all kinds of subassemblies, or it will cost a lot of expense of attendance.

    參考資料: 自己+電子字典
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  • 1 0 年前

    預防性維護(Preventive maintenance PM)長久以來公認是增加設備可靠性和可用性的方法。

    It is well recognised that preventive maintenance is approach to add the reliability and availability of equipmetn.


    However, for some complicate equipment such as for toll roads or tunnels, it is improper to implement PM through every part. Unless otherwise the maintainance expenses will be equally high.

    參考資料: 亞力之淺見
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    應該是這樣 我ㄆ確定 錯ㄌㄉ化 仙跟ㄋ說生不好意思

    Since the preventive maintenance (Preventive maintenance PM) the

    long-time recognition has been increases the equipment reliability and

    the usability method. But the equipment which uses on the complex like

    charge path or the tunnel says, must implement PM in various modules

    is invalid, otherwise then is must spend the soaring maintenance cost.

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