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中翻英 不求回報




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    不求回報 = to ask for nothing in return, not to ask for anything in return

    I'm asking for nothing in return.

    I'm not asking for anything in return.

    He asks for nothing in return.

    He doesn't ask for anything in return.

    She asked for nothing in return.

    She didn't ask for anything in return.


    ETA: 繼續下面意見欄裡與D'Andy的討論﹕

    don't take this the wrong way, i'm not trying to pick a fight or anything, just speaking my mind about the topic at hand.

    So since you asked....

    no reciprocation = 沒有(某種情感上的)回應

    "reciprocation/reciprocate" 是回應 的意思。回報跟回應不太相同﹐前者是某種報酬﹐後者是相呼應的情感。舉例句說明﹕“我愛你﹐長久以來一直在對你付出﹐所以現在你得成為我的人﹐你欠我的”這是在要求回報。“我愛你﹐一直在默默為你付出﹐你難道不能也愛我﹐哪怕只是一點點﹖”這是在要求對方回應自己的感情。

    除了回應和回報的不同外﹐"no reciprocation" 裡的"no" 字只有“不”或“沒有”的意思﹐並沒有表達出“不求” 的意思。所以如果是要說“不求回應”則是 "no reciprocation required"。



    D'Andy, I may have challenged your answer, but that is not the same as challenging you. ; )

    “when someone does you a favor and asks “no reciprocation”, it could mean 不求回報 (報答).”

    Exactly. That someone “ASKS” for no reciprocation. The phrase “no reciprocation” alone does not imply a request/non-request. Furthermore, it is because the reciprocation of the goodwill is not required that the settling of a debt is rendered unnecessary.

    Ultimately it comes down to how the phrase is used. The Chinese phrase “不求回報” is used to describe someone’s intention, as in “He asks for no reciprocation” or “He does not require any reciprocation” (他不求回報); but if that person is to verbalize his wish and tell another “不用報答我”, then he may say “No reciprocation required,” or “No reciprocation.”

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    no reciprocation?

    dose not require reciprocation, maybe...

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    I never said I'd never heard of "no reciprocation", but it doesn't mean 不求回報 as far as I know.

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    Damn the length restrictions! D’Andy, please look to the edit in my answering post up there for my reply.

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    That's fine. : )

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    不求回報no reciprocation ----------------------------------------------

    to meowwwwwww

    i knew you weren’t trying to pick a fight, neither

    was I. I was just trying to figure out why you didn’t agree with my answer. You

    were the one who challenged me in the first place, weren’t you? :-)

    of course you could say “no reciprocation required”

    or “no reciprocation necessary”… but “required” or “necessary” could be simply

    omitted….. also, reciprocation does not only mean 回應 or 情感上的回應....when someone does

    you a favor and asks  “no reciprocation”,

    it could mean 不求回報 (報答).

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    i'm surprised you never heard of "no reciprocation".........

    2005-08-27 03:05:02 補充:

    well, then how would you interpret the meaning of "no reciprocation" in Chinese?

    2005-08-27 08:14:24 補充:

    meowwwwwww, 請參考修改資料

    2005-08-27 12:59:41 補充:

    meowwwwwww, I'm not sure if you agree with me or not. Maybe we agree to disagree. :-)

    To 先進: no reciprocation required and no reciprocation necessary 是比較正式的說法. But I'm asking for nothing in return. No reciprocation please. ^^

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    可以說without ask anything

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    i dont ask for anything back.

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