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Feel this book very strange really while starting because of ignore and is the

meanings that a translator or a dictionary all can not check the book title. So does not

want at all to see, and the most main because of also is because see and don't

understand. This is I to the first impression of this book, although the back knew the

meanings of this book book title, also let me lift completely not rise any interest to

read it.

The content in the book the gist was to say a beggarliness because the man

happened to be the World War II to live apart the beloved girlfriend on the battlefield,

this on walking is 5 years. When the man comes from the battlefield last time, but

found the girlfriend loved each other ever to get married to do person's wife already

now. And the man still does not give up, and work hard to become a rich man, again

the nearby cover of the ex- girlfriend house a luxurious residence, and hold the large

party therein every week, and all these all just for causing the attention of the

girlfriend. It is pitiful or sorrow that don't knowing should say, the man's deep feeling

to the girlfriend destined to is what without result calculate again the man and front

girlfriend has no three that five years in wars' misunderstanding, only is a man and

does not understand the girlfriend this is a very serious problem, saying nothing of the

existence that two people still have a Tom.

The times that man be placed in is the confusion times that the post-war material

flies to rise, the young generation's abhorrence toward war lets them indulge in the

beauty beautiful nine and in the jazz, they need many moneys to be the shield,

impeding the influence of the war.

In this book, my favorite is a man to persist to the love, although because this

persist to let the man can not see clearly the fact, this romance that extremely let me

feel, this can say that is a man own viewpoint, so we can't criticize the value of the

woman, everybody has the oneself emphasize, be like the man to emphasize the love

supremacy, the woman is the money then all-powerful and similar

Finally, I hope hereafter not want at saw this kind of boring and boringly to lose,

although this kind of book have to lead numerous big prizes, to me it have no two

kinds with a heap of garbage, cost time to read this kind of lousy book, is a wasted life

simply, still spend time to squeeze the insight feeling from the brain, this is to ask for

trouble simply, it have the boring talented person will do this kind of matter of.

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    當開始的時候,真的感覺這一本書非常奇怪的因為忽視指述和是那 一個翻譯者或一本字典全部不能檢查書名稱的意義。 如此不 全然想要見到,和最主要的因為也是因為見到和不 了解。 對第一對這一本書的印象這是我,雖然背面知道那 這一本書的意義書名稱,也完全地使我升高不增加有任何的相關讀它。在書內的內容要點是說貧窮

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