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請問via 和 by的用法差在那裡???

請問via 和 by的用法差在那裡???

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    via  ---  1 : by way of2 : through the medium or agency of; also : by means of 1. 經由;取道He flew to New York via Hong Kong.他經過香港飛往紐約。2. 通過,憑藉I sent a message to Mary via her friend.我通過瑪麗的朋友帶信給她。by  ---a : through or through the medium of : VIA <enter by the door>b : in the direction of : TOWARD <north by east> c : into the vicinity of and beyond : PAST <went right by him>1. 靠,用,通過They crossed the river by ferry.他們乘渡船過了河。2. 經由;沿Ellen flew to Chicago by way of Minneapolis.艾倫經由明尼阿波利斯飛往芝加哥。

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    via 1. through a place : we flew home via Dubai.

    2. by means of sth; using sth : these pictures come to you via our satellite.

    by 1. used for showing how or in what way sth is donw : the house is heated by gas.

    2. used before particular nouns without the, to say that sth happens as a result

    of sth: i did it by mistake.

    3. not later than the time mentioned; before : can you finish the work by five


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    The book was written by Tom.

    I go to school via bus.

    這個例子中 via 只限於用在一個動機、動作,而 by 可以自由地使用。

    He went by the store.

    當 by 被當作"經過"時,不可用 via 取代。

    事實上,via只有在上面類似的句子中用的到,其他 by 會出現的地方都不能用via代替

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