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who is the singer you likebest

who is the singer you likebest?

this is pure for discussion, could you describe how you like her/him.


this is a question not a translation workshop.

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    One of the singer I like best is Mayday.

    Because their songs sound so powerful, and the words of the songs are just what I'm thinking of.

    And Ashin's voice is also special. There are many languages in their songs, Madrin Chinese, English and Taiwanese.

    Their Taiwanese songs break out traditional. Those are the best Tauwanese songs I've ever heard.

    And the other singer I like best is Ronan Keating.

    His voice is amazing. His albums is also great, especially "the Great of hits".

    His family is harmonious, which allows people feel peace& love. And he is handsome, too.

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    Your mean that I describe my idol by English words