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will u care about money before

will u care about money before you die.

You will not take one cents in the heavan. right

Please answer it in English.

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    Though I will not take one cents in the heaven, I can do nothing without money when I still live.

    So I care about money certainly.

    But if my friends have problems that just use money and they can be solved, I will help they certainly!!

    With money, I can help people, too.

    I can also give all my properties to the poor before the moment of my death.

    2005-09-01 13:55:00 補充:

    What information? And "how important he is","he" means what? the person I lost? if so, it should be "she", my best friend

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    We all care about money, but after we die, we get nothing, i ask this because i want to know how important money for me in the future.

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    Lost, then you aware how important he is .....I am curious about your information, but just can't get any information from your personal file.

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    yes , I will!!

  • hn.....talking adout this thing..........

    I think I will not take any cent.....but I not sure I will do it.

    Maybe I will donate my money to the people who need money ,or someone who

    is very poor.

    Perhaps I will give my money to someome who is relationship with me.

    What way would you choose??

    And what do you want to ask this for???