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誰能幫助我找一些英文標語(slogan)之類的話??(急)ex:trust me you can make it



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    速食店的廣告用詞:Subway, chain of fast food restaurants Advertising slogans: Subway. Eat fresh                              The Way A Sandwich Should Be Taco Bell restaurants, Mexican-style quick service restaurant chain, USASlogans: Think Outside the Bun              Make a run for the border White Castle, fast-food burger chain Advertising slogan: White Castle. What you craveMcDonald's fast foodSlogans: McDonalds. I'm lovin' it.              What you want is what you get               It's a good time for the great taste of McDonalds              Nothing can do it like McDonald's              You deserve a break McDonald's               We love to see you smile Wendy's Old Fashioned Hamburgers, fast food restaurantsSlogans: Wendy's. Quality is our Recipe              It's better here              Where's the Beef? 航空公司的廣告用詞:Southwest AirlinesSlogans: Stop Searching. Start Traveling.               A Symbol of Freedom              Southwest Airlines. THE Low Fare Airline              How do we love you? Let us count the ways . . United Airlines Advertising slogans: It's time to fly                              Life is a journey, travel it well.                               Fly the friendly skies of United.American Airlines Advertising slogans: We know why you fly. We're American Airlines.                               Something special in the air.                              Doing What We Do Best LufthansaMotto: Lufthansa. There's no better way to flyEastern AirlinesAd slogans: We have to earn our wings every day.                  Eastern Airlines. The Wings of Man.British Airways Taglines: British Airways. To fly. To serve.               The world's favourite airline.              We'll take more care of you Delta Air Lines Slogans: Much more space (advertising of Delta business class)              Delta gets you there              Delta Air Lines. We love to fly. And it shows.               You'll love the way we fly              Delta is ready when you are              Airline of the South 啤酒的廣告用詞:Busch BeerAdvertising slogan: Busch Beer. Head for the mountainsSchlitz BeerAd slogan: Schlitz ... the beer that made Milwaukee famousBudweiser BeerSlogans: Budweiser. True              When you say Budweiser, you've said it all              For all you do, this Bud's for you              The Genuine Article              The King of Beers               Where there's life, there's Bud Coors beerSlogans: The Coldest Tasting Beer In The World (for Coors Light )               It won't slow you down (Light)              This is our Beer (Light)              Turn it loose!              Brewed with Pure Rocky Mountain Spring Water              Note: Coors brewing water in Golden, Colo., begins high in the Rocky Mountains. It flows underground and is naturally filtered over beds of sand and gravel)A&W Root BeerAdvertising slogan: That frosty mug sensationCourage BeerSlogans: It's what your right arm's for              Take Courage Heineken beerSlogans: It's all about the beer              Lager Beer at its Best              How refreshing! How Heineken!              Heineken refreshes the parts other beers cannot reachMolson Canadian brandMarketing slogans: It Starts Here                             I am Canadian Bad Frog beerAdvertising slogan: The Beer so Good it's BadBud Light brandTaglines: Fresh. Smooth. Real. It's all here.               Be yourself and make it a Bud Light 信用卡的廣告用詞:Diners Club credit card Advertising slogan: Diners Club. The Card is keyAmerican Express, credit card Slogans: My life. My card.              Long Live Dreams               American Express. Do More.               Make life rewarding              Do you know me?               Don't Leave Home Without It (American Express Charge Card)              The businessman's passport MasterCard, credit and debit cardsSlogan: There are some things money can't buy. For everything else there's Mastercard Visa, credit cards and other payment solutionsSlogans: Visa. All it takes (Asia-Pacific campaign)              Visa. All you need. (in Canada)               It's Everywhere You Want To Be              Wherever it takes you, the future takes Visa (European ad campaign)              Could be cheap. Could be expensive. Visa. All you need.

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    Philips: Let's Make Things Better.

    Nike: Just Do It.

    United States Army: Be All that You Can Be.

    LG: Life's Good.

    McDonald's: I'm Lovin' It.

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    Connecting People→NOKIA(手機)

    Forever Sport→adidas(運動用品)

    Just do it→NIKE(運動用品)

    I'm lovin' it →麥當勞(速食)

    Keep walking→約翰走路(酒類)


    參考資料: 努力想出來的
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