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1. UPUP運動第一招,幫助胸部肌肉時結實、堅挺。




2. UPUP運動第二招,避免胸部外擴。




3. UPUP運動第三招,強化胸部肌肉,還可以使手臂的蝴蝶袖消失。




4. UPUP運動第四招,讓胸部集中,並強化胸部肌肉。




5. UPUP運動第五招,提高胸部線條,防止下垂。




6. UPUP運動第六招,集中、托高胸部曲線。




7. UPUP運動第七招,讓胸部更堅挺、更集中。




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    The UPUP exercise of the underneath is the 秘笈 that lets you own the beautiful chest form: 1.The UPUP exercise first recruits, fructifying while helping the chest muscle,strong. (1)Stand, the hands clench fist to place in the chest the side. (2)The 踮 rises the toe, an elbow swings backward, the chest stands forward meanwhile. (3)The repetition acts 20-30 times. 2. The UPUP exercise second recruits, avoiding the chest expanding outside. (1)Sit to raise head and chest out, open the elbow outwardly, the hands clip tightly a book, apposition in chest front. (2)Stretch to keep forward the arm, notice the hands to want to clip the tight book, and feel the chest be making an effort. (3)The repetition acts 10-15 times. 3. The UPUP exercise third recruits, enhancing the chest muscle, can also make the butterfly 袖 of the arm disappeared. (1)The elbow curves, the hands match ten, start the arm to combine the 攏 to huddle together. (2)The hands heading up to lift, the attention elbow can't separate, stopping about 3 second behind let go of. (3)The repetition acts 10-15 times. 4. The UPUP exercise fourth recruits, making the chest concentrated, and enhancing the chest muscle. (1)The body is even to lie, a feet sit with crossed knees, the hands are each to take a bottle of fill up the aqueous polyfoam. (2)First hands to or so stretch, noticing can't run into the ground, heading uping the hands again to raise. (3)The repetition acts 20 times. 5.The UPUP exercise fifth recruits, raising the chest lines, preventing bottom from hanging. (1)The hands elbow curve, and laps over a matrix before the chest. (2)The arm heading ups to raise to go to in front of the forehead, then lets go of. (3)The top and bottom repeats to act back and forth 20 times. 6. The UPUP exercise sixth recruits, the high chest curve of the concentration,托 . (1)Stand, the hands are each to hold a bottle of fill up the aqueous polyfoam, to or so stretch to open, and run parallel with shoulder. (2)Immediately after the hands heading up to raise, stopping about 3 second behind let go of. (3)The repetition acts 20 times. 7. The UPUP exercise seventh recruits, making the chest stronger and more concentrated. (1)The hands cross, grasping each other or so start the arm, and lift to run parallel with shoulder. (2)The hands make an effort to or so jostle, can feel the chest be making an effort.Stop about 4 second behind relax. (3)The repetition acts 10-15 times.

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    Nether UPUP sport, exactly let you have beautiful chest shape de rare book:

    one. UPUP sport 1 method, help chest's muscle's time strong, strong.

    (one) stand, both hands make a fist set to chest side.

    (2) stand on tiptoe rise tiptoe, double elbow to behind swing, chest meanwhile go forward straight come out.

    (3) heaviness fu's action 20~30 time.

    2. UPUP sport the second method, avoid expand outside chest.

    (one) sit look up throw out the chest, to outside open elbow, both hands nip live a book, and set to in front of chest.

    (2) will arm go forward straighten, pay attention to both hands want nip tight book, and feel's chest at exert.

    (3) heaviness fu action 10~15 time.

    3. UPUP sport the third method, aggrandize chest's muscle, give back can make arm de dolman sleeve die away.

    (one) elbow bend, both hands put the palms together, under arm variety lean against together.

    (2) both hands go upward raise, pay attention to elbow not can separate, stop live about 3 second behind lay down.

    (3) heaviness fu action 10~15 time.

    4. UPUP sport the fourth method, let chest centralize, and aggrandize chest's muscle.

    (one) body lie down, feet go down on one's knees, both hands each take a bottle of fill watery treasure very's bottle.

    (2) first will both hands to about extensions, pay attention to can not run into ground, again will both hands go upward lift.

    (3) heaviness fu action 20 time.

    5. UPUP sport the fifth method, enhance chest's line, prevent droop.

    (one) both hands' elbow's bend, and at in front of chest superpose become a font.

    (2) arm go upward enhance to frontage forehead, then lay down.

    (3) fluctuate back and forth heaviness fu action 20 time.

    6. UPUP sport the sixth method, concentration, hold in the palm high chest's curve.

    (one) stand, both hands each hold a bottle of fill watery treasure very's bottle, to about stretch unfold, and with shoulder parallel.

    (2) go on both hands go upward lift, stop live about 3 second behind lay down.

    (3) heaviness fu action 20 time.

    7. UPUP sport the seventh method, let chest much strong, much centralize.

    (one) both hands cross, each other get hold of about on arm, and raise with shoulder parallel.

    (2) both hands exertion to about push jostle, can feel chest at exert. Stop live about 4 second behind relax.

    (3) heaviness fu action 10~15 time.

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