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  • 1 0 年前

    I will grade from school this year. During studying, I studied intensively in major subject of my department and trained myself to be able to systematically analyze and to solve problems.

    When I were a postgraduate, I took part in many informal discussion meetings. Beside MS-Office like powerpoint, I learned to how to arrange my information and clearly explain to someone. I am quite confident that I own ability about comprehension and methodically. Due to I have undergone and overcame all kinds of difficulties, I expect myself to grow and keep active mind to face with any challenge. But I usuaully use my

    free time to be the post of the assistant and assist my teacher about my students' problems and learn to the interaction and communication well. I was touched beyond words because that all students said "Thanks to me" in the ending of the semester.

    I am a amiable person and keep studying instantly. Althouth just graduted, I understand it is of paramount importance to have practical experience to go with theoretical. I would appreciate it if I am offered the opportunity of an interview, you will not be disappointed.

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