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I am just curious what you have got by joining this website?

What are the reasons you choose to stay ?

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    At first, I was just curious, like many others who come here. Then, I realized I could help other people with their English problems, and that may be people here can help me solve my problems too.

    I admit that I got a little obsessed, because I get so upset when the wrong answers were chosen. I make mistakes too, but at least I used my own ability to answer the questions. After sharing thoughts with others, I realize that they were right. It's a place for entertainment, and there's absolutely no need to make a big fuss over it. Now, this is a place for me to kill time and entertain myself. I have also learned that I need to work hard to maintain my English level!

    I will continue to come here, because it's just plain, simple fun!

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  • yun
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    to gto.frank

    Thanks for your answer.

    Persistence is the key to success. 學習本身對你就是最大的動機. 大家共勉之

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    To ringing

    Thank you for the asnwers.

    To me you are quite good at analyzing. Reason and honesty might be your value.

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    To winnie

    Thanks for sharing your experience. It must be be great to kow that you can help others, and involve them into your personal experience.

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    To Jos and Celeste

    You came for a reason.And I believe that both of you will become the reasons why people come and stay here.

  • jos
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    initially.. i was bored and have heard of this from a friend, then one day i just wandered in and found it. I know that a lot of people came here wanting to help people who genuinely needed help with their english.

    i dont think i chose to stay, because there hasn't been a reason for me to leave, yet! altho i'm deeply tourbled by the fact that some people who don't respect those us who have spent time overseas and loves picking on us, or those ones who don't appreciate what we are trying to do here.

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