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1.在句子"to share a room with a ______ child"中為何不可用"9 years old" 而要用"9-year-old"呢~

2.為何"he is quiet in private/privately"的private/privately可以通用呢

3.麻煩解釋一下"you will find it a good movie"這句的文法

4."i found the book very diffecult"中為何不用加"is"呢 more exercise and you can develope some muscles可以寫成

"doing more exercise to make you develope some muscles"嗎?

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    1. 因為把 "9-year-old" 這樣連起來寫﹐它就變成一個名詞﹐名詞可以用來形容別的名詞﹐在此用來形容 "child" 一字。"9 years old" 前面一定有一個be動詞﹐而在此句中已經有share一個動詞﹐不可能再有另一個(be)動詞。2. private/privately 不能通用﹐是 in private/privately 才可以。in private 是“在私底下的時候”的意思﹐private 在此是指“私底下的時候”(名詞)﹐而 privately 則是“私下地”(副詞)。He's quiet in private. 他在私底下很靜。(較常用)He's quiet privately. 他私下地很靜。3. You will find it (to be) a good movie.4. I found the book (to be) very difficult.這兩句都是省略 "to be" 的用法。5. 不能﹐意思會變﹐而且第二句的文法也有問題﹕Do more exercise and you can develope some muscles.去多做些運動[祈使句]﹐(然後)你就可以長些肌肉Doing more exercise will help you develop some muscles.多做運動可以幫助你長肌肉 (只是敘述﹐沒有祈使的意味)另外﹐基本上通常不會說 do/doing more exercise﹐多半都是說 exercise/exercising more。

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    由於 9-yr-old 在這裡是拿來形容名詞child的﹐所以大概也可以算是形容詞吧。不過它本身是一個名詞 (I have a 9-yr-old. = 我有一個九歲大的孩子)﹐而且名詞在英文裡可以用來形容別的名詞﹐例﹕speaker wire, car stereo, apple juice, 這些第一個名詞 (speaker, car, apple) 都是用來形容第二個名詞 (wire, stereo, juice) 的。

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    1. In English, when numbers are used as adjective to modify the following noun, we don't need to add an 's' after 'year'. That is, 9-year-old functions as a compound adjective, so 'year' is not used as a common noun in this sentence. But if you say, "He is 9 years old" or "He is 9 years of age," then you cannot omit the 's', for there is no noun following "9 years." In these two sentences, 'year' functions as a common noun and '9' is plural, so you have to add plural marker 's' to 'year.'

    2. The sentence should be "he is quiet in private" or "he is quiet privately." So you misinterpret the sentence as "he is quiet in private" and "*he is quiet in privately." 'In private' is a prepositional phrase functions as a sentence adverb, and 'privately' is no doubt a sentence adverb, too. So they both are interchangeable. We can move a sentence adverb to the sentence initial position. Thus we can say "In private, he is quiet" and "Privately, he is quiet."

    3. 'You will find it a good movie' is a sentence derived from two simple ideas.

    (1). You will find something. (2). (something) = It is a good movie.

    By combining the two ideas together into a complex sentence, it becomes 'You will find that it is a good movie." 'That' is a conjunction after the verb 'find' and it connects the following clause 'it is a good movie' to the main clause 'you wil find'. Since there is a subject 'it' in the second clause, 'that' can be deleted. Now we get "You will find it is a good movie." Next, we can change the second clause's subject 'it' to be the object of the verb 'find', so the sentence becomes "You will find it to be a good movie." (Because there is no subject for the verb 'is', it must be changed into its infinitive form.) Finally, we can delete 'to be' and the sentence is what you have got! (You will find that he is a good student. → You will find he is a good student. → You will find 'him' to be a good student. → You will find him a good student.)

    4. The sentence "I found the book very difficult" is very similar to the preceding one. So, it is derived from "I found that the book was very difficult." → "I found the book was very difficult." → "I found the book to be very difficult" → "I found the book very difficult."

    5. "Do more exercise and you can develop some muscles" 可以寫成 "doing more exercise to make you develop some muscles"嗎?

    No. The first sentence is a complete and grammatical one. The second one is not a complete sentence, for it doesn't have a sentence verb. It should be "Doing more exercise can make you develop some muscles." 'Doing more exercise' is the subject and 'make' is the main verb in the sentence.

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