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brief report要怎麼寫???

brief report要怎麼寫???


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    Business Report Writing & Correspondence:Brief Report on Technical ReportsNow that you've read about technical reports and explored examples of them online, it's time to summarize your observations and findings. Report ContentReturn the resource page where you posted notes on the reports and report resources you found. Review all of the postings there for issues such as the following: How do you find technical reports online? Where can I go browsing?Are any of these online reports free? What sorts of reports are available for a fee?How would you differentiate the types of reports that are available for free and those that you have to pay for?Who writes these reports?Are corporations making technical reports available online? If so, what sorts and why?Do government agencies make reports available online? If so, what sorts and why?In what ways do you think these technical reports are used?What types of reports do you find? (Think beyond the types defined in the textbook.)Where do you find the best reports, or where can you find some good reports, that would serve as good examples? Project RequirementsNow that's a lot of things to be thinking about! Do your best to boil all these observations and findings down to a report suitable for an executive audience who is interested in these questions. Specifically: Keep it under 4 pages, standard 10- or 12-point singlespaced text. Organize your information into subtopics, and use identifying subheadings. Use the memorandum format, addressing the memo to your instructor but with a fictitious title and organization. Write the memo as if your work supervisor requested this research. Include URLs to example website as needed. Use numbered and bulleted lists and tables whenever possible to increase readability. You do not need to cite your source for these observations and findings. See an example of this type of report. Send This Project to Your InstructorWhen you create this document, name the file according to your name and, which project and draft it is, and which software you are using. For example, if your name is Charlie Brown, if this is the second project for this course, if this is the first draft of the project, and if you are using Microsoft Word, name the file charlie_brown01a.doc. (If it's the second draft, name it charlie_brown01b.doc; if you use Corel WordPerfect, name it charlie_brown01a.wpd; and so on.) Send this file as an e-mail attachment to your instructor. Note: Expect to receive confirmation from your instructor that your e-mail attachments have been received. If you don't receive e-mail confirmation in 3 or 4 days, get in touch with your instructor.

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